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By Harry Southworth


A career development plan is something that you decide to do for yourself to gain clarity on what you are doing, why you are doing it and where you want to end up. In essence, it is a written summary of all your professional ambitions and objectives and how you plan to achieve them. Taking the time to write a career development plan can assist in clarifying what your career goals are and in turn, sharpen your focus on achieving them.


Why write a career development plan?

When it comes to career development, you can often feel like the whole process is out of your control and that it all depends on opportunities that others offer you. That’s where you are wrong because you have a lot more control over your career path than you may think. Writing a plan is important for defining goals, implementing a goal-achieving strategy and executing that strategy successfully. By writing a career development plan, you are acknowledging all the things that you can do to achieve your goals and how you’ll set out on accomplishing them.

Taking the time to write a career development plan can also help to:


Prevent career ruts

When the paperwork starts to pile up and you forget why you chose your career path, having a career development plan reminds you of the bigger picture and why you’re doing what you’re doing.


Addresses weaknesses

You cannot expect yourself to be the best at everything, it’s in our DNA to have weaknesses but that doesn’t mean they cannot be addressed and corrected. Your career development plan will help to identify these weaknesses and set up a strategy to work on improving them in order to achieve your professional goals.

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Dear Reader:

Too often, once we get to know something—once we master a skill or learn some new knowledge—we take it for granted. We tend to think about it in the same way, from the same point of view. And that can be deleterious—for our fundraising, for our causes and for own personal success.

The July 2019 Advancing Philanthropy challenges you to take a new look at issues you probably think you know well. Paul Pribbenow calls on you to not just practice ethics and fundraising, but to integrate them into your life. Susan Raymond provides a whole new perspective on the issue of poverty. Nneka Allen suggests we rethink our notions of giving and what it means to be a philanthropist. And as always, this issue has the fundraising nuts and bolts you need to keep up with the changing profession—including our first-ever Fundraising Toolkit—along with ideas and innovations that will cause you to take a different look at your work and your profession.

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