The AFP Greater Toronto Chapter is a recognized leader in promoting philanthropy and providing education, training and best practices for those in the fundraising profession. With more than 1200 members, the Greater Toronto Chapter is the largest of the more than 240 AFP chapters throughout the world.


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AFP Greater Toronto Chapter’s Fundraising Day was founded in 1994, and 25 years later it continues to be the best one-day educational conference for fundraisers.

And though our profession has evolved considerably, so many principles of fundraising remain the same. So, this year – let’s celebrate The Fabric of Fundraising.

Join us on Thursday, May 30th for a day of best practices, old ideas that have become new again, and the simplest approaches the drive the best donor experiences – and the best results.


  • Inspiration: Kick off the day with keynote speaker Zahra Al-Harazi, entrepreneur and transformative leadership expert

  • Leader Discussions: An educational track, exclusive to Senior Leaders, consisting of four facilitated discussions on the topics that matter most to leaders in our sector.

  • Practical Skill-building: We’ve approached the day’s schedule with a focus on as many practical educational opportunities as possible – 4 session tracks instead of 3!

  • Rising Stars: You’ll see familiar faces among the speaker lineup this year, but you’ll also hear fresh perspectives from rising stars in our industry!

Whether this is your first Fundraising Day, or you’ve been going for 25 years, this will be a high-value learning experience for you.

On behalf of your FD2019 management committee, we hope you will join us in celebrating! REGISTER HERE.

See you soon!

– Maeve Strathy
Chair, Fundraising Day 2019


By Kayleigh Alexandra

water being poured out of a hose


Your nonprofit’s content is a key element to your marketing. It drives traffic and spreads awareness, helping to increase donations and spread your cause to the world.

But visual content takes all that to the next level. It’s more effective than just written content, and it’s surprisingly easy to implement too. Read on for your handy guide to the what, why, and how of visual content marketing for nonprofits.


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What is visual content marketing?

You likely already know about content marketing. Put simply, it is the practice by brands, charities, and organizations of marketing through the creation and propagation of digital content such as blogs, videos, images, and so on.

Content marketing isn’t strictly advertorial in nature, but instead seeks to engage your audience through interesting, educational, or useful material. Visual content marketing capitalizes on the growing popularity of video, photography, infographics, interactive assets, and so on to better reach audiences.


Why use visual content marketing?

In a mobile-first age, visual content is convenient and digestible. Its aesthetic nature makes it more engaging than reams of copy, and gives marketers the freedom to deliver their message in a variety of creative ways. And the stats back it up: people can recall 65% of visual content up to three days after first viewing it, compared with just 10% for written content. This makes visual content more impactful with audiences, conveying your message with clarity.

In the same vein, visual content is more shareable than copy too. Articles with one image for every 75-100 words are shared almost twice as much as articles with fewer or no images. Consequently, your message can reach a much wider audience if it’s delivered in a visual style. While visual content shouldn’t replace your written posts, it should complement them. A diverse content strategy is more effective, seeing higher engagement and boosting awareness of your nonprofit as a result. Read more »