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David Love, Godfather of Good, Agents of Good

Once upon a time, there was a boy named David. He was a restless soul who was not happy when he looked out at his world. What bothered him most was that the natural world, which sustains all life on earth, was under siege.

So David decided to change his world. He found an organization devoted to restoring the natural world and he asked people to support the work of this fine organization.

Soon, money began to come to the organization but it wasn’t enough. So David thought, “Maybe people would give more to the mission of the organization than to the organization itself.”

Sure enough, more money came but it was still not enough. David was puzzled. What could he do next?

Then one day, he looked in the mirror and said, “I give to many good causes. But it’s not because of the organization or even the mission. It’s because what they do reflects my personal values. What if I put the donor at the centre?”

David raised much more money and he is still doing it today. It’s still not enough, but one day – we all will live happily ever after.

David has been raising money for 43 years. He is a pioneer in putting donors first in fundraising for the environment. After retiring as the Executive Director of The Living City Foundation in 2013, David now works part-time at Agents of Good. Over the years, David has worked for WWF Canada, Stephen Thomas, Amnesty International and many environmental organizations.  David Love will be presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from AFP Greater Toronto Chapter at Congress 2013


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