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As we look to the future, there is no doubt that some who are presently in their formal educational years, will be the leaders of the future in our sector.

AFP believes in cultivating and supporting young and emerging professionals as part of its mission to advance philanthropy by enabling people and organizations to practice effective and ethical fundraising.

To engage students and to enhance their educational experience, AFP offered special student rate to make Congress accessible to these emerging young leaders.

This year, over 50 students joined us as part of the over 960 Congress delegates and we’d love to learn about their Congress experience.

I hope some will share it here!

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  1. Ken Wyman

    Thank you so much for inviting the Humber Fundraising and Volunteer Management program graduate students to Congress.

    We’ve just done the debriefing discussion . Alll 39 students had an amazing array of positive experiences. Great sessions, great people, great inspirations.

    For many it was their first taste of the professional community we enjoy, and it reinforced their commitment to the challenging work of fundraising. The students come from all walks of life, and many are mature and embarking on a second career. What they share, and what Congress reinforced, is a sense of excitment for a career that can change people’s lives.

    Thanks for making this possible and affordable for the class of 2010.

    Ken Wyman CFRE

  2. Kendra Kleiner

    As a current student at Humber College I had no idea what to expect going into day one of Congress. Of course my instructors tried their best to prep us for Congress, but I was still filled with nerves, excitement and more than a little bit of fear.

    By lunch of day one all of my anxiety was replaced by joy, excitement and most of all inspiration. Everyone I met and learned from at AFP inspired me to be a better, student, volunteer, fundraiser and person in some way.

    I feel extremely lucky to have attended Congress and look forward to becoming a member of AFP as I start my career.

    Thank you for offering this great opportunity to fundraising students!

    – Kendra Kleiner

  3. John Bell

    I really enjoyed the AFP Congress. I met some very interesting people (Tom Ahern and Matthew Flannery to name just two). I can’t imagine not coming next year! Thanks to the AFP for letting us come.

  4. Tanja Duggan

    I would like to thank AFP for an amazing experience at AFP Congress 2009. I had some excellent sessions, took away new ideas and have made some wonderful connections that will hopefully help me in the future. The speakers were very helpful and I received great insight from fellow fundraisers. Once again, thank you for providing us with a great opportunity to learn and network.

  5. Cindy Zimmer

    I’m one of the students from the Humber Fundraising and Volunteer Management graduate program and I would like to thank AFP Greater Toronto Chapter for allowing myself and my fellow students the opportunity to attend Congress. It was a very valuable experience and has reinforced my belief that I can make a difference as a fundraiser and that it will be a rewarding career. The chance to attend the sessions with fundraising professionals and listen to (and learn from) the presenters was extremely helpful to our development as fundraisers.

    Thank you again.
    Cindy Zimmer

  6. Melanie Brown

    I would like to thank AFP for the wondeful experience that I recieved throughout the workshops. What a wondeful oppurtunity to create relationships with contacts that we can use as mentors in our careers.
    Thanks Again,
    Melanie Brown

  7. Kendra Coons

    I would also like to thank AFP for the wonderful learning opportunity. It was a great experience, and I think I speak for many of us when I say we all learned a lot about the sector!
    Thanks Again AFP,
    Kendra Coons

  8. Shobi Sivaraj

    I would like to thank AFP for the opportunity to take part in the congress. It was a wonderful learning experience, as well as a great way to network with a variety of fundraising professionals. There are many lessons that I will take away from all the sessions, but I think the most important thing I learned over the 3 days was to identify what I was passionate about, and to use that to fuel my career.

    Thanks again,
    Shobi Sivaraj

  9. Alison Burnett

    I was fortunate to attend Congress in 2007 as a student in the Humber Fundraising program. This was my first opportunity to participate in such a massive networking and information-sharing event. I still have all the materials which I was given that day, as well as business cards.

    I’m not the best at networking, but I found volunteering as a room host made it easy to strike up a conversation and get to know everyone. I meet engaging people such as Sonya Swiridjuk, a member of the AFP Congress committee and who was a guest speaker in our class the following year. Also in attendance at Congress were Jon Duschinsky and Rob Peacock, the latter of whom I was room assistant for. Both were instructors for our program in the following months and are experts in their field, which is saying a lot.

    At the end of Congress we had a get together with Humber Fundraising alumni, a group which I am now a part of. It seems strange looking back remembering their career advice and thinking graduation was so far away.

    I was very impressed with AFP, and since Congress have attended sessions with the chapter in Kingston (AFP South Eastern Ontario), which is where I currently live. I may never have the opportunity to attend such an event like Congress again, and I’m glad to have had the chance.

    Many thanks to AFP,

    Alison Burnett


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