Introverts in Fundraising: Surviving in an Extrovert Profession

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“You’re a fundraiser, go schmooze.” Yuck, what a word, schmooze. Emphasis on the “ooze.” Talk to our profession’s best and you’ll often find yourself in the argument: Is fundraising is a science or an art? Are major-gift-asks the territory of the alpha-hunter, VP for Advancement who charms the donor and ethically influences philanthropic intention around… Read more »

Speaker Blog: The Role of Boards in Fundraising Performance Improvement (FPI)

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Boards tend to prefer overseeing fundraising to raising funds themselves. One of the biggest challenges fundraising executives face is getting board members to help raise money. What’s missing is a specific role in a well-defined process that integrates board members comfortably into the fundraising team. That role is one that Malcolm Gladwell, author of the… Read more »

Speaker Blog: The Power of Process in Fundraising Performance Improvement (FPI)

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Fundraising Performance Improvement (FPI) builds capacity by leveraging the work of fundraising staff, board members and volunteers in a new approach to major gifts that enables exponential increases in fundraising performance. Making solicitation a process The process combines the principles of fundraising relationship management with Lean Six Sigma thinking. It embeds relationship building strategies from… Read more »

Speaker Blog: Breakthrough Cases in Fundraising Performance Improvement (FPI)

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Just focusing a process improvement effort on major gifts will result in a significant increase—if done right. But sustained performance improvement that doubles or triples the amount raised annually does require a focus on all of The Four C’s that are the pillars of high-performance fundraising. Capacity: A process-based, metric-measured structure and operations that multiply… Read more »

Speaker Blog: Six Imperatives in Applying Lean Six Sigma Principles to Fundraising (FPI)

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Both art and science are needed to elevate fundraising performance. Applied together, the art and science of fundraising will help you forge stronger donor relationships. The following are six imperatives in applying Lean Six Sigma principles for more effective fundraising. Focus on high-return activities Focus on the mix of fundraising strategies that will significantly increase… Read more »

Speaker Blog: An Introduction to Fundraising Performance Improvement (FPI)

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Steve Reed lead the session R-04: Hope is Not a Strategy: New Approaches to Fundraising Based on Performance Improvement Principles at AFP Toronto’s Fundraising Day on June 8. He unpacked FPI based on blend of learnings from five organizations, including two in Canada, with fundraising staffs ranging from one FTE to nearly 50. Follow Steve… Read more »

The Power of the Land by Dr. Duke Redbird

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June 21st is National Aboriginal Day. This is a day for all Canadians to recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples* At Fundraising Day 2017, the audience had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Duke Redbird’s original poem, The Power of the Land. We are delighted… Read more »

Announcing AFP’s 2017 Outstanding New Fundraising Professional Award – Sasha Manes

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The Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Toronto Chapter is pleased to announce that Sasha Manes, Manager of Major Gifts and Stewardship at YWCA Toronto, has been named the 2017 recipient of the Outstanding New Fundraising Professional Award. It has been said of Sasha that she epitomizes what is so wonderful about Generation Y fundraisers.  She excels at team… Read more »