Why we’re Losing Ground in the Fight for Gender Equality | Caroline Riseboro | TEDxDonMills

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Watch our Chapter President, Caroline Riseboro’s TEDxDon Mills talk on the importance of men being allies in the fight for gender equality.     The march for gender equality is being held back because there are not enough men invested in its success. Women, we must insist men are at the table. Men it’s time for you… Read more »

Call for Nominations – 2019 New Fundraising Professional

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The AFP Greater Toronto Chapter is now accepting nominations for the 2019 New Fundraising Professional Award. Established in 2001, this award recognizes fundraisers who are making an outstanding contribution to the profession early on in their careers. We are inviting submissions to nominate chapter members with 2 to 5 years of full-time fundraising experience. Candidates… Read more »

The Canadian Safe Schools Network Announces the Robert Pierre Tomas Scholarship Fund

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By Allan Peterkin   It’s hard to believe that today (April 1) is the first anniversary of Robert Pierre Tomas’ death. He was a dedicated activist and fundraiser and such a vibrant, loving and generous presence. It seems a fitting tribute to launch a scholarship for post-secondary study/training in his honour. The award will be given to… Read more »

Top Content Distribution Strategies for 2019

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By Harry Southworth   Content is your main tool for informing the audience about the cause. Whether it comes in the form of articles, infographics, or videos, it has to be distributed in one way or another. Without proper content distribution, even the most brilliant content wouldn’t make a difference. But with well-planned distribution, you’ll… Read more »

Fundraising Day 2019: Weave yourself into The Fabric of Fundraising!

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  AFP Greater Toronto Chapter’s Fundraising Day was founded in 1994, and 25 years later it continues to be the best one-day educational conference for fundraisers. And though our profession has evolved considerably, so many principles of fundraising remain the same. So, this year – let’s celebrate The Fabric of Fundraising. Join us on Thursday, May 30th for a… Read more »

Your Handy Guide to Visual Content Marketing as a Nonprofit

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By Kayleigh Alexandra   Your nonprofit’s content is a key element to your marketing. It drives traffic and spreads awareness, helping to increase donations and spread your cause to the world. But visual content takes all that to the next level. It’s more effective than just written content, and it’s surprisingly easy to implement too…. Read more »

Speaker Discovery Series – Spring 2019 Call for Speakers Open Now!

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  This edition of the Speaker Discovery Series invites fundraisers to share their stories on the theme of… Secrets. What is the secret behind your success as a fundraiser? Did you ever have to hide something crucial from your colleagues? What about your career would really surprise people? Has your organization ever had really exciting… Read more »