Keep On Top of It: How to Keep Up with Changing Trends

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Carolyn Hawthorn Business Development Officer, Harbourfront Centre It might be just me but I don’t think there are enough hours in the day. As professionals the expectation is that you always deliver your best at work. Ensuring you’re on the top of your game means understanding that the nonprofit sector is increasingly influenced by outside trends…. Read more »

Why I love Canadian Fundraisers…

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Tony Elischer, FinstF (Cert) Managing Director, THINK Consulting Solutions I have been coming to the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter Congress now for over seventeen years and continue to prioritise my invitations in my  speaking and travel schedules, but why? I clearly recall meeting a leading American fundraiser many years ago who declared that “America had basically… Read more »

Mo Davies Bursary – Gift to New Fundraisers

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Lorraine Crow Development Officer, The Riverwood Conservancy Receiving the news that I was the first recipient of the Mo Davies Bursary was a perfect start to my new position as Development Officer of The Riverwood Conservancy (TRC). TRC is a small and vibrant charity located in Riverwood Park in Mississauga and the bursary was a welcomed… Read more »

Bringing Donors to the Frontlines: The Art of Emotional Fundraising

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Jennifer Auten, Resource Development Communications Amnesty International I’m the first to admit that fundraising often doesn’t make sense to me. As a professed perfectionist with a Communications background, I tend to get excited about slick-looking, brief creative. In other words, it’s a good thing I’m not responsible for our Direct Mail program. Fundraising laughs in the… Read more »

What Do Conferences and Vacations Have in Common

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Malinda DenBok Online Community Coordinator, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation Are you a traveller? This AFP destination may surprise you. So I’m not suggesting a conference is exactly like a vacation, but after seeing TBEX (The Travel Bloggers Exchange) all over twitter last week it struck me how much conferences can actually be a lot like… Read more »

Are You Fearless?

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. Julia Silvestri Wong Client Success Manager,  Artez Interactive Inc. Fear – such a small word but it holds so much power. Fundraisers are fearless, right? You have to be able to walk into the office of the CEO at TD Bank asking for a cool million to upgrade the gym so that the “street kids” can play basketball… Read more »

Aspiring to Meet the Data Challenge

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. Jody Dailey, CFRE, Associate Executive Director, Advancement Services, Ryerson University and Len Gamache, CFRE. Data Security vs. Data Collection “Big Data” seems to be all the buzz these days, but what does it mean for our development programs? Many organizations are using reams of information that they have collected over the past number of… Read more »

Articulating My Aspirations

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. AMY WILKINSON Director, Community Giving Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH) Foundation One of my staff recently called me her mentor. First off, I think I am too young to be a mentor. Or at least I like to think I am too young. Secondly, I feel I have so much to learn about… Read more »