Digital Fundraising Is Old Stuff

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. BEATE SØRUM Consultant, Fundraising & Digital Communication, Norwegian Cancer Society So, I keep hearing people speak about digital fundraising with a bit of fear in their voice. It’s this new thing, a thing that we don’t really know how to deal with. And we keep expecting it to raise loads of money, and yet… Read more »

Gold Miner

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. MARK HARRISON President and CEO, TrojanOne Ltd. Many of the organizations I work with have a beautiful bar of invaluable gold deep inside. Most of them don’t know where it is. Some know, but they have hidden it away. Others don’t understand its value. Very few do a great job of displaying it. What is… Read more »

Volunteers: Can’t live with them…Can’t live without them!

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. KAREN WILLSON, CFRE Senior Vice President & Partner, KCI (Ketchum Canada Inc.) The core responsibility of the fundraising team in any charity, large or small, is to bring in more dollars so that the mission of their organization can be both maintained and hopefully enhanced. We often think that our biggest challenge is finding those major… Read more »

Philanthropy in the Age of Networked Intelligence

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DON TAPSCOTT Author, Speaker and Advisor on Media, Technology and Innovation As we enter the networked age philanthropy is going through a profound change. This has big implications for fundraisers and donors alike.  In the old model, not-for-profits sought funds from individuals and institutions. Donors were courted and if successfully seduced, they provided funds, and… Read more »

Collaboration… it sounds so simple

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  LAURA FREDRICKS, JD President, Laura Fredricks, LLC Collaboration… it sounds so simple but as we get so entrenched in our daily lives to focus on rising trends, raising money, managing our leadership, volunteers, committees and staff, we often want to “just do it ourselves.” But we all know the results if that happens, we dig deeper in… Read more »

No One Has Time

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. KAREN OSBORNE President, The Osborne Group, Inc. In today’s world, it’s a badge of honor to say, “I’m busy, busy, busy,” like the actor in the Angie’s List commercial. We’re proud of our crazy lives. That is one side of the coin. On the other side, we are working ten hour days, neglecting our… Read more »

Fundraising Advice and Inspiration, Just a Click Away

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. BROCK WARNER Donor Programs Officer, War Child You’re drawing a blank. You’ve just been asked by your director, or board, for recommendations on the upcoming campaign, and you were sure you had a great idea two weeks ago, but now… nothing. We’ve all been there. Don’t worry, you’re not on your own. The AFP Greater… Read more »

Who cares about a village?! We need a pipeline NOW!

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Kathy Hay President & CEO, The Credit Valley Hospital Foundation When people think about fundraisers, I can almost hear what they are thinking, “watch your wallets everyone!” Or worse, I can hear them thinking about what they perceive is important to me as a fundraiser , “show me the money”! Better yet, I can hear… Read more »

8 Ways Twitter Can Lead to a Better Congress Experience

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Leah Eustace, CFRE Principal and Managing Partner, Good Works Here are my top eight tips for getting the most out of your Congress experience…using twitter! You don’t have to be on Twitter to follow the conversation. Congress has its own hashtag (#afpcongress) and the conversation is already heating up. What’s a hashtag? It’s basically a… Read more »