Fundraising Through a Different Lens: Thoughts to Guide Philanthropy in Diverse Communities

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Alice L. Ferris, MBA, ACFRE Founding Partner, GoalBusters LLC Many well intentioned fundraisers have made a cultural misstep: you schedule a major event on a religious holiday, pick a menu that features food that is culturally taboo, or you make an assumption about someone’s beliefs only to find out the hard way that you are… Read more »

Romancing the Board

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Siobhan Aspinall Fundraising Consultant, David Suzuki Foundation Are you drinking too much merlot and muttering that your board “just doesn’t get it”? Why aren’t they perfect fundraising ambassadors who make their own gifts first and champion every campaign? Think of the way you treat a red-hot prospect in your major gifts program. That’s right –… Read more »

What’s All the Buzz About Telephone Town Halls?

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Bob Penner President & CEO Strategic Communications Inc. (Stratcom) By now many of you have heard about or even participated in a Telephone Town Hall. Stratcom has been pleased to bring this to the Canadian marketplace, although, even for us, it took some persuading. We do a fair bit of work in the United States… Read more »

K.I.S.S: More Than A Rock Band, the Key to Peer to Peer Marketing

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Jackson Wightman Minister of Propaganda Proper Propaganda Peer to peer marketing is very hard. The organization has to basically “create conditions” for its best friends to do its work. Organizations, filled with humans who want to keep their jobs, don’t relinquish control easily. Peer to peer requires exactly that. Because letting go is hard and… Read more »

Basket Case? Why I Believe in Group Therapy

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Jessie Sitnick, MMSt., MA Senior Officer, Partnership & Development Communications, WWF Today I finished a major case for support. Okay, let me qualify that. Today I finished the last round of edits on the fourth version of the “final draft” of a major case for support. Wait, let me rephrase. Today I finished what I think is… Read more »

Speaking the Language of the Recruiter

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Jane Griffith, MA Principal & Fundraising Practice Leader, Odgers Berndtson Executive Search Many job searches for fundraising executives are now being lead by professional search firms. This is a somewhat new experience for Fundraising executives, and many have questions about how the process works. What are the key skills and experiences that recruiters are looking for… Read more »

My Friendor, Pam

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Ann Rosenfield, CFRE Executive Director, The WoodGreen Foundation In case you haven’t guessed, I love Congress. Have loved it since the first one. There are many reasons to love Congress but one of them is actually the vendors. There was this Dilbert cartoon about “Friendors” – half vendor/half friend. Needless to day, Scott Adams had… Read more »

Your Charity’s Public Image

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Kate Lazier, LL.B. Partner, Miller Thomson LLP Over the last few years the public has been hungering for more information on charities.  As a fundraiser it is important to know what information is publicly available about your charity. Congress has a wealth of information to help fundraisers and in my session we will examine the… Read more »

Stewardship That Will Help You Sleep at Night

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Siobhan Aspinall Fundraising Consultant, David Suzuki Foundation When I can’t sleep at night, I blame Imagine Canada’s Sector Monitor reports. They do a fantastic job of illustrating the many challenges we face today. Donor prospecting, gift renewals and gift upgrades take place year-round at break-neck speed just to keep up with inflation, donor churn and… Read more »