How to Make Every Day a Congress Day

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Ann Rosenfield, CFRE Executive Director, The WoodGreen Foundation I am not actually an expert in everything. Even in the things where I am an expert, sometimes I need a  second opinion or a different perspective.  That’s why Congress is great – it is a wonderful chance to meet other fundraising and trade ideas.  My friend Mary… Read more »

Don’t miss Canada’s demographic shift

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In June Statistics Canada released a study called “Projected trends to 2031 for the Canadian labour force”, as part of the Canadian Economic Observer.  The study says that by 2031, roughly one in every three people in the labour force could be foreign born. Between 1991 and 2006, the percentage of foreign-born people in the labour force rose from 18.5% to 21.2%. If… Read more »

Snoozing for a good cause

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Is the world big enough for yet another fundraising golf tournament or dinner?  Many newer charities are being more creative about fundraising events.  An American group called Letgive  focuses on mobile fundraising and has created an iPhone app called Snooze that allows you to pledge 25 cents to a nonprofit just by hitting the button that lets… Read more »

Major gifts still coming in despite recession

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KCI has tracked seven gifts in Canada in August totalled $8.25 million  Shaky markets or not, people still give big gifts.  Come to the Congress session titled “Securing Major Gifts” to learn more about how to get your share of the big pie.

5 for 4 Registration Deal

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The AFP Congress super “5 FOR 4” REGISTRATION DEAL is back to help your professional development dollars go even further! Congress 2011 is all about fundraising ideas worth sharing, providing you with valuable insights, important connections and great inspirations. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect at this world-class gathering for fundraisers: Engage with… Read more »

Designing a Learning Plan that Fits Your Style

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This year at Congress you’ll find it easier to create a learning experience that suits your individual objectives.  Understanding that people learn in different ways, we’ve refined curriculum delivery by segmenting sessions into four formats:  workshops, lectures, case studies, and discussions.  Workshops are designed to help you learn or upgrade specific skills.  Led by skilled… Read more »

Welcome to Congress 2011

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Taking a few days to learn, think and grow is really important. I think that’s   what great professional development is all about and that’s what we work hard to deliver at Congress. Congress 2011 is about sharing big ideas. Our team of hard working Congress volunteers has been meeting for months carefully selecting those in… Read more »

And the winner of the 3 day Congress 2010 pass is….

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Thank you too each of the individuals who took the time to send in details about themselves and their interest in attending Congress 2010. The winner of the 3 day Congress 2010 pass is…Jim Martin. Congratulations Jim and we’re confidant that Congress will have a ripple effect for you and the organizations you’re working with…. Read more »

Welcome to Congress 2010

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  “Every year I’ve attended Congress, I’ve left feeling re-energized, more passionate and raring to put into practice all of the ideas I’ve learned…many of which I know will be valuable for years to come.” If you’ve been to AFP Greater Toronto Congress in the past, you know what I’m talking about. There’s a ripple… Read more »