Chamberlain Scholarship Applications Now Open!

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Each year, the AFP International Conference on Fundraising brings together nearly 3,000 fundraising professionals from around the globe. These professionals come to attend educational workshops, discuss emerging issues, explore the latest technology, and exchange ideas about ethical fundraising, nonprofit management, and volunteerism. The International Conference focuses on a broad range of topics on philanthropy and… Read more »

Part One: Small Shop Sponsorship – The Three-Headed Hydra

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This two-part blog post series goes out to my warrior-friends in the non-profits and charities who identify as “small shops”. These organizations are typically under $500,000 in yearly revenue, and cringe at the thought of taking on additional tasks that will stretch their already scarce resources. Well, I’m here to help you succeed in obtaining… Read more »

Call for Chairs 2019 Nominations

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Do you enjoy volunteering with the AFP? Do you enjoy leading a passionate team? Do you love the excitement of planning a large event? The Professional Development Chair Nominating Committee, made up of past AFP event Chairs, start the process to review applicants for the 2019 positions. Taking on a chair position is a great… Read more »

Introverts in Fundraising: Surviving in an Extrovert Profession

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“You’re a fundraiser, go schmooze.” Yuck, what a word, schmooze. Emphasis on the “ooze.” Talk to our profession’s best and you’ll often find yourself in the argument: Is fundraising is a science or an art? Are major-gift-asks the territory of the alpha-hunter, VP for Advancement who charms the donor and ethically influences philanthropic intention around… Read more »

Speaker Blog: The Role of Boards in Fundraising Performance Improvement (FPI)

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Boards tend to prefer overseeing fundraising to raising funds themselves. One of the biggest challenges fundraising executives face is getting board members to help raise money. What’s missing is a specific role in a well-defined process that integrates board members comfortably into the fundraising team. That role is one that Malcolm Gladwell, author of the… Read more »

Speaker Blog: The Power of Process in Fundraising Performance Improvement (FPI)

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Fundraising Performance Improvement (FPI) builds capacity by leveraging the work of fundraising staff, board members and volunteers in a new approach to major gifts that enables exponential increases in fundraising performance. Making solicitation a process The process combines the principles of fundraising relationship management with Lean Six Sigma thinking. It embeds relationship building strategies from… Read more »

Speaker Blog: Breakthrough Cases in Fundraising Performance Improvement (FPI)

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Just focusing a process improvement effort on major gifts will result in a significant increase—if done right. But sustained performance improvement that doubles or triples the amount raised annually does require a focus on all of The Four C’s that are the pillars of high-performance fundraising. Capacity: A process-based, metric-measured structure and operations that multiply… Read more »