What Gets Measured Gets Done

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Brian Emmett, Chief Economist, Imagine Canada Results definition and management are hot topics these days, given additional attention by the recent decision of the Hewlett Foundation to cease funding “groups that provide research on philanthropic strategies that produce measurable results.” (Hewlett Ends Effort to Get Donors to Make Dispassionate Choices on Giving) Amidst the wide and understandable debate… Read more »

Corporations and Nonprofit Partnerships: Unlikely Bedfellows or a Beautiful Marriage?

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Jennifer Jones, MBA, Director, Indigo Love of Reading Foundation I recently was on a panel at an AFP session on the topic of what corporations are looking for from their charity partners. The room was full which was a pleasant surprise and yet, also disappointing. It’s 2014 – why are we still learning to navigate these critical… Read more »

Tracking Social Media Fundraising Revenue: Understanding the Challenges

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Brock Warner If you’ve been to a conference session about fundraising using social media, you know there is always someone that eventually says “yeah this is nice and all, but how much money did it raise?” Stop asking that question. What you need to start asking is “how did you track your fundraising results?” because all… Read more »

Crowdfunding – Good Preparation is Essential

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Robert C. Osborne, Jr., Principal, The Osborne Group, Inc. If you go to any crowdfunding platform and search past the featured projects on the home page you’ll see that many, if not most of these projects are well behind in their goals. Sometimes it is because the project isn’t a very compelling one, sometimes it is because… Read more »

Focus On the Right Donors

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Emma Lewzey, CFRE, Senior Major Gifts Officer, St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation If you work in a small or mid-size shop, there is a clear path to stability and sustainability for your organization. You need to focus on the right donors: individual donors. Now, don’t get me wrong – corporate gifts, special events, and foundation grants can all play an… Read more »

7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Next Conference

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Paul Nazareth, Philanthropic Advisory Services, Scotia Private Client Group Conferences are one of the most powerful ways to learn, grow a peer support network and grow professionally. How can you take full advantage of your time and organization’s funds invested to send you? Here are some tips we hope you find useful: 1. Know thyself. My favourite authors call… Read more »

A Fundraising Fable

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David Love, Godfather of Good, Agents of Good Once upon a time, there was a boy named David. He was a restless soul who was not happy when he looked out at his world. What bothered him most was that the natural world, which sustains all life on earth, was under siege. So David decided to change his… Read more »

Does Your Charity Know About Its Second, Mobile Audience?

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Claire Kerr, Director of Digital Philanthropy, Artez Interactive Many nonprofit organizations are closely measuring online activity across their websites and donation forms… And with good reason! Tools like Google Analytics can be more useful than user surveys when we want accurate information about what our donors and supporters are really doing online. When diving into your… Read more »