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Rory Green, Senior Development Officer

British Columbia Institute of Technology Foundation

1. An amazing speaker who blows your mind

2. Reuniting with old friends


3. Free cookies


4. Swag at the trade booths

5. Seeing a fundraising twitter celebrity IRL for the first time

6. Being totally inspired to do your job better

7. After-hours mingling with other fundraisers

8. Meeting new fundraisers who share your passion for the profession

Rory Green
Rory Green is a Senior Development Officer with the British Columbia Institute of Technology, leading the fundraising efforts for the School of Health and School of Computing. Working in major and corporate giving, Rory connect donors with opportunities to invest in education and healthcare. In her spare time Rory is the founder and editor of Fundraiser Grrl, the fundraising community’s go-to source for comic relief. She will be speaking at Congress 2013 in Toronto.

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