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This has to be a question everyone asks themselves at some time or another. It would be a lackadaisical professional who’s not interested in bettering their skill set.

AFP Congress aims to help create highly skilled professionals, better at what they do, more prepared to respond to the twists and turns that we encounter on our daily drive toward our vision.

We’re working with leading thinkers to accomplish our goal. From the moment Matt Flannery – co-founder of Kiva steps to the podium on November 30, Congress will bring to you new and leading thing as well as more traditional training in a great mix of value for you.

Click through to our topics and let us know if you agree. We want to know how we can improve and most of all, we want to give YOU what YOU NEED!

We’re looking forward to spending 3 days with you.


Mark Hierlihy
Congress Chair

P.S. The early bird registration ends on Monday. Register by then and save over $100.

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  1. Paul Nazareth

    Hello Mark and AFP Congress team,

    I’ve been talking to a number of peers – new and used ( I’m still slightly-used).

    What they need the most is just to GET to Congress this year. If there’s one thing I can say for this Congress team and the many organizations that are stepping forward with bursaries is that someone has to have some leadership during this challenging time.

    Charities just can’t defend conferences to program staff, donors and sometimes even themselves. I’m glad that the many sponsors and the Congress team have listened to the feedback from members and are churning out bursaries and sponsorships!!! There isn’t much excuse not to be there this year!

    Congress saves not only dollars for charities, but saves fundraisers in our professional/personal lives. I am speaking with too many peers who are in tears over stress, overwork, lack of focus and too unrealistic fundraising goals in the face of a recession. The support they get in real job skills, professional camaraderie and peer to peer problem solving is a BIG deal in these tough times.

    Seeing the leadership of those that have had the guts to step forward in defence and support of our profession has inspired me – I am going to make a donation to the every member campaign this year!

    With gratitude,

    Paul Nazareth


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