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Within the Congress Community, there are a number of groups that enjoy getting together to meet new friends and talk about specific topics.

On Monday, November 30th, we have organized 6 rooms, each with a specific topic including:

– Small Shops
– Diversity
– Stewardship
– Success Stories
– Job Hunting
– open topics

This is a new format and we’d like your feedback on how to make these conversations meaningful!

Any ideas anyone would like to share?

3 Responses to “Networking lunch – conversation topics within the fundraising community”

  1. Donna Raetsen Kemp

    small shops present BIG challenges!
    How many hats can one person wear and still be effective? What edge do small shops have over the big guys? How do you keep all the balls in the air? When do you need to call in “reinforcements”?

    Let’s talk about the tough stuff that’s keeping you awake at night–and share some of the good things that can let a little bit of pressure out of the tires.
    Join Emma and I — we’ll get a spirited discussion going and try to answer some of your burning questions.
    See you there…

  2. Paul Nazareth

    I have a HUGE problem with this event…..which room to go to!! Bravo to the conference team for going one step beyond the usual “tables” concept and getting us right into the topic with rooms. I have sent two Executive Directors who are going to be hiring in 2010 to the job hunting room. Me personally I’m debating between the stewardship room ( my world at the moment ) and the small shop room. The best networking tips I have ever are from professionals whose backs are against the wall in small shops and through their tenacity have networking ideas that are razor sharp, super effective and PRACTICAL! Grrr. Which one?!

  3. Donna Raetsen Kemp

    I forgot the most important thing! Post messages and give us a heads up about what you would really like to dig into. We haven’t got a whole lot of time, so with a little “heads up” we can leap right into the burning issues.
    Paul…we could use your energy in small shops–drop by!


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