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Jane Griffith, MA
Principal & Fundraising Practice Leader, Odgers Berndtson Executive Search

Many job searches for fundraising executives are now being lead by professional search firms. This is a somewhat new experience for Fundraising executives, and many have questions about how the process works. What are the key skills and experiences that recruiters are looking for in fundraising executives? How do your structure your CV so that it highlights your personal successes, as well as your goals and aspirations? Should you post your information on sites such as LinkedIn? And how do you engage in a conversation with a recruiter – what are the do’s and do not’s? My session entitled “Speaking the Language of the Recruiter” will help answer these, and other, questions and provide some guidance about how the executive search process is completed. In the time leading up to this session, the AFP Congress Blog offers us a spot to start this conversation. I look forward to exchanging ideas with many of you here on the blog, and at my session.

Jane Griffith will presenting “The Next Generation of Non-Profit Leaders: Recruiting and Keeping the Best New Talent” at AFP Congress 2011 

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Ann Rosenfield, CFRE
Executive Director, The WoodGreen Foundation

In case you haven’t guessed, I love Congress. Have loved it since the first one. There are many reasons to love Congress but one of them is actually the vendors. There was this Dilbert cartoon about “Friendors” – half vendor/half friend. Needless to day, Scott Adams had a very funny, slightly twisted point of view.

However, I find that vendors really are an incredibly useful resource – after all, while my problem seems just intractable to me, vendors are always “oh, that problem, well in the other 497 charities, I have seen the following 3 three things work really well.”

I also find that many vendors are willing to let me hire them for just a day or half day to help work through a problem. As a small fundraising shop, that can be an economical way to get the expertise I need without breaking the bank.

Which brings me to my beloved Friendor, Pam Gignac. Pam is a 3 for 1 deal because she has expertise in prospect research, Raiser’s Edge and fundraising. I have known Pam since forever and every year at Congress we catch up on kids, life, and data.

So the reason I knew that Pam was the solution to the problem I was facing (curse you complex list extraction) was because I had bumped into Jeff (her lovely spouse) when he was a vendor at Fundraising Day. Seeing Jeff, helped me connect the dots on how to solve my problem.

See, if you walk the vendor aisle, not only can you get a year’s supply of free pens and your body weight in chocolate, you can also reconnect with vendors, bounce a quick idea off of them and who knows, maybe even hire them to solve a problem (bless you, Pam for sorting out that fiendish list extraction).

Ann Rosenfield, MBA, CFRE is the Executive Director of the WoodGreen Foundation and is a big believer in the strategic, selective use of expert advice.

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Kate Lazier, LL.B.
Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

Over the last few years the public has been hungering for more information on charities.  As a fundraiser it is important to know what information is publicly available about your charity.

Congress has a wealth of information to help fundraisers and in my session we will examine the various sources of information that are available to your donors and the media.  For those who want to get a head start on looking into their charity’s public image, the CRA’s website has a searchable listing of registered charities.  This website provides instant access to information, including:

  • a charity’s name,
  • address,
  • contact information,
  • registration number,
  • designation (charitable organization, public foundation, or private foundation), and
  • T3010 information returns for past years (which includes the names of directors or trustees, finances, fundraising costs and employee salaries).

It is a good idea to check out the charity’s listing and ensure the information is accurate.

Kate Lazier of Miller Thomson LLP will be speaking at AFP Congress 2011 on “Maintaining a Stellar Public Image”

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Aspinall, SiobhanSiobhan Aspinall
Fundraising Consultant, David Suzuki Foundation

When I can’t sleep at night, I blame Imagine Canada’s Sector Monitor reports. They do a fantastic job of illustrating the many challenges we face today. Donor prospecting, gift renewals and gift upgrades take place year-round at break-neck speed just to keep up with inflation, donor churn and programming needs. For many of us this frenzy of activity is happening with fewer staff and greater competition than in previous years. Does this ring a bell?

We are all told in Fundraising 101 that the secret to controlling the frenzy is to reduce donor turnover but despite the well-known costs of donor churn, the push for many fundraisers today is to spend our time closing gifts, not stewarding those already in the door. As a result, it seems like stewardship receives less attention and investment than it should. Even worse, I often see stewardship taking second place to its flashier cousin “recognition”. I have spent countless hours with groups who agonize over where to list donors’ names and how many tchotchkes they should get for various giving levels. Half the time this recognition isn’t worth the glue it took to stick it on the donor wall. Recognition may sweeten the ask, but stewardship is what grows the relationship and keeps the gifts coming. 

As a bit of a stewardship junkie, I’m looking forward to this year’s congress to share my collection of innovative approaches and swap ideas with the other participants. See you there! 

Siobhan is currently working in major gifts for Junior Achievement and the David Suzuki Foundation. She will be speaking at Congress 2011 on “Stewardship – Beyond the Donor Wall.”

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Ann Rosenfield, CFRE
Executive Director, The WoodGreen Foundation

I am not actually an expert in everything. Even in the things where I am an expert, sometimes I need a  second opinion or a different perspective.  That’s why Congress is great – it is a wonderful chance to meet other fundraising and trade ideas. 

My friend Mary McPherson and I have come up with a great way to make every day a Congress Day – we call it Knowledge Exchange.

The idea behind Knowledge Exchange is simple – I come to your charity and give you training on a topic of my expertise that you want to learn.  Then you return the favour by coming to my charity and doing the same.  The host charity buys the speaker lunch and pays for parking.  It is cheap as dirt, dead simple, and really works. 

We did a Knowledge Exchange over the summer – not only did we learn more, one of the unanticipated benefits was that we ended up doing some joint problem solving.  We found we had some common questions and a quick conversation led to a solution for both of us.

And the best way to get started on your own Knowledge Exchange is to come to Congress and find a Knowledge Exchange buddy help you over the next year.   

Knowledge Exchange is one way –  How do you make Congress learning last all  year long?

Ann is the Executive Director of the WoodGreen Foundation. She will be speaking at Congress 2011 on “Small Shop, Big Success.”

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In June Statistics Canada released a study called “Projected trends to 2031 for the Canadian labour force”, as part of the Canadian Economic Observer.  The study says that by 2031, roughly one in every three people in the labour force could be foreign born. Between 1991 and 2006, the percentage of foreign-born people in the labour force rose from 18.5% to 21.2%. If recent immigration levels were to continue, that proportion is projected to reach almost 33% in 2031, according to most scenarios.

How will this shift in demographics affect fundraising?  Can you afford to ignore this trend?  Come to the Congress session called “Cultivating Strategic Relationships with New Immigrant Communities”, to learn more about a group that will represent 1 in 3 in the not too distant future.  The report is here:

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Is the world big enough for yet another fundraising golf tournament or dinner?  Many newer charities are being more creative about fundraising events.  An American group called Letgive  focuses on mobile fundraising and has created an iPhone app called Snooze that allows you to pledge 25 cents to a nonprofit just by hitting the button that lets you clock in extra minutes of sleep.  Perhaps a good way to engage Generation Y?   Story here:

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Do you have opinions, thoughts, ideas on how to improve the delegate experience at the annual AFP Congress? If so, we want to hear from you!

We are looking for 30-40 people to participate in one of two upcoming 75-minute focus group sessions. We are looking for a diverse group of
participants who have attended Congress: 1) never; 2) once; or 3) five times or more. Read more »

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The AFP Congress super “5 FOR 4” REGISTRATION DEAL is back to help your professional development dollars go even further!

Congress 2011 is all about fundraising ideas worth sharing, providing you with valuable insights, important connections and great inspirations.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect at this world-class gathering for fundraisers:

  • Engage with top presenters from at home and abroad
  • Expand your network of colleagues and professionals
  • Energize yourself to tackle the challenges you face

Take advantage now of our fantastic offer to register 5 delegates for the price of 4 – and don’t pay until October! Simply send a note to to book this special rate today. Fundraisers from different small shops can get together to sign up and save, while larger organizations can send more people from their team to this year’s conference.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and ideas worth sharing from Congress.