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Your Congress brochure should be in your mailbox in the next day or two and we are pleased with the offering our great volunteers have put together.

BUT, we’d like to know what your top 3 expectations are to make Congress right for you.

Many of our speakers ask such questions as they prepare their presentations and we will be happy to include your thoughts as we support their preparation.

We hope to hear form you!


Mark Hierlihy
Congress Chair

2 Responses to “What are your top 3 expectations for Congress?”

  1. Paul Nazareth

    Love Congress! But I love this question..and you asked, so here goes:

    1) Speaker choices. Yes information is very important, qualifications are paramount but it’s three full days of sessions. Speakers need to inspire as much as they educate! That goes triple for plenary speakers! Last year was a home run for the sessions I was at ..hope it happens again.

    2) Build us better networking opportunities. Make sure we have time and space to network. Facilitate it where possible: Themed lunch tables, icebreakers at the opening reception ( with prizes to motivate the timid of course ) and remind all those attending to BRING CARDS. Plus, so many people have come from out of town, an option for an evening event? A simple informal optional get together at a nearby place?

    3) I’m looking to crack open the future as much as the present. I truly hope that besides providing practical real world advice that we get to discuss, in sessions or plenaries, the future of philanthropy. What will charity look like in 2020? How will transactional fundraising play out? What will the baby boomers impact be once the previous generation is gone? Will lotteries, golf tournaments, charity ride/runs and gala’s still have the draw they do today when everyone is doing them?

    Call me crazy ( which I’m sure someone will ) but besides the usual “I’m coming to pick up three golden nuggets” this is what I’m hoping to see.

  2. congress


    You have made some really great remarks. We know education is the probably the first reason people attend a conference. But I agree, making networking connections is another great reason to attend. When I was newly in fundraising, I met some people who have become mentors. I always encourage new people to just walk up to someone and introduce themselves. People are very friendly.

    In a recent video sent out to member, another star speaker, Tony Elischer, said – “It actually feels like a community of fundraisers”. This is a key objective of Congress. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video on Youtube:

    Also, “cracking the future” is also a great way of putting it. There are so many challenges in today’s fundraising world, we want to make sure we help prepare people to solve problems and make it easier for them to do their jobs in the future.

    I hope to hear from others as well.


    Congress Chair


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