Congress 2017 Green Sessions
Congress 2017 Yellow Sessions
Congress 2017 Red Sessions


 Note:  Please check back for further speaker presentations to be added.  Certain session do not contain downloadable handouts, as some speakers have chosen not to make their materials available to AFP and for public distribution. 


Congress 2017 Green Sessions

G-01: Maple Syrup & Tea – Spot the Difference and Spot Ideas! – Liz Attfield, DipDM , Pippa Carte, BD, MA, IDM, DipDM


G-04: T3010 and Transparency in the Charitable Sector – Mark Blumberg, LL.B., LL.M., TEP

G-06: How Making the Volunteer Coordinator Your BFF Will Raise Money – Erin Spink


G-12 Using the Right Ruler – Measuring Results in Direct Mail –  Geoffrey Peters, M.A., J.D.


G-19: Blueprint for Building a Culture of Philanthropy – Lindsey Hutchison, Amir Karmali


G-23: Do-It-Yourself Prospect Research: Discover Exciting and Innovative Research Methods You Can Take Back to Your Shop Today! – Tracey Church, MLIS


Congress 2017 Yellow Sessions


Y-06: The Truth, the Whole Truth and a Spot of Re-Touching – Derek Humphries , Ian MacQuillin



Y-12: Neuromarketing, Behavioural Marketing, and Decision Science as Applied to Nonprofits – Geoffrey Peters, M.A., J.D.


Y-14: The Evolution of Amnesty International Canada’s Monthly Giving Program – Erin Jones , Cheryl Rooney


Y-17: Moving Your Program and Donors from Annual Gifts to Major Gifts – Bill Bartolini, Ph.D., ACFRE


Y-19: Love & Legacies: 12 Donor Love Principles That Will Inspire Your Legacy Donors (and raise more money!) – David Love, CFRE


Y-23: Partnering to Achieve Success: Building the Clinician-Fundraiser Relationship – Andrea Orr, CFRE , Dr. Gary Rodin, MD, FRCPC


Y-24: Legal Issues in Social Media for Charities – Terrance S. Carter, LL.B.

Y-27: Adapting to the Evolving Sponsorship Environment – Bernie Colterman


Y-28: The Fleeting Impact of Outrage – Colin Habberton, M.Phil


Y-30: Face to Face Fundraising Today – Crisis or Evolution? – Daryl Upsall, FInstF



Y-34: Fundraising Health Check: Conducting a Development Audit – James S. Anderson, CFRE , Alice L. Ferris, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE


Y-35: Trailblazing Mobile Acquisition in Canada – Karen Delorme , Breanne Hargreaves


Y-36: Got Your Moves Going? Using Moves Management to Raise Bigger Gifts – Bill Bartolini, Ph.D., ACFRE


Y-37: Building an Inspired Team – Bob Baker, MBA



Y-38: Long Story Short: Here’s How You’ll Raise More Money – Harvey McKinnon



Y-42: Women & Leadership – Overcoming Gender Bias in Our Sector – Paulette Senior


Y-44: Taking Control of Your Organization’s Brand – Bernie Colterman



Y-46: Maximizing Facebook Advertising on a Non-Profit Budget – Shoni Field, Charly Jarrett


Congress 2017 Red Sessions


R-02: Organizational Leadership – Trends and Solutions – David Hutchinson , Dianne Lister, LL.B


R-03: Fundraising: Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing World – Daryl Upsall, FInstF


R-05: Organizational Evolution: Managing Change when Humans are Involved –  James S. Anderson, CFRE , Alice L. Ferris, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE


R-07: Ethics in Fundraising – Part 1, The Theory: How do You Know what the ‘Right Thing’ is? – Ian MacQuillin


R-10: Ethics in Fundraising – Part 2, The Practice: Doing the Right Thing (for the right stakeholder) – Ian MacQuillin