Dan Pallotta
Founder and President, Advertising for Humanity and the Charity Defense Council
Monday, November 23rd – 9:15am – 10:15am
Opening Plenary – The Power of Purpose

The power to innovate is one of the most critical skills individuals and organizations can develop to empower them for success. In “The Power of Purpose,” Dan Pallotta will provide a new perspective on what it really takes for nonprofits and charities to innovate, and the qualities of innovation necessary for success – presence, patience, risk-taking and courage.




Ron Tite
President, The Tite Group
Tuesday, November 24th – 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Lunch & Plenary – How to Thrive in the Expression Economy

Winning the battle for donors is all about creativity – in your mission, in your marketing and in yourself. Ron Tite’s insightful, humorous and engaging talk will highlight operational and personal innovation and how you and your organization can thrive in the expression economy.



Farah Mohamed
Social Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO, G(irls)20
Wednesday, November 25th- 9:00am – 10:00am
 Closing Plenary – The Philanthropy Paradigm Shift: Introducing Social Entrepreneurship

The dramatic emergence of social entrepreneurship around the globe is transforming how we think about ‘the third sector’ and the role of traditional philanthropy in driving social change. In this captivating plenary, Farah Mohamed will share the definitions and various models of social entrepreneurship, along with examples of social entrepreneurship in action – and its implications for Canadian fundraisers.