Life is so much more enjoyable when we make peace with our foes rather than run away. Take campaign cost of fundraising (COFR,) for example. Mark Hierlihy asserts every fundraiser is challenged by (and perhaps is worried about) campaign costs. Is that you? If so, he thinks you should worry less and instead push yourself to think differently. Social and technology innovators share similar challenges to charities when money is tight, and consequently, can teach them a lot about using data to help maximize every dollar. In this session, Mark will share his latest thinking on fundamentals and mechanics of lean start-ups as they relate to maximizing cause campaign ROI. And yes, there will be a few cool examples. Intrigued?

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn how you can turn the COFR conversation to your advantage
  2. Be challenged in your assumptions about campaign design
  3. Gain insights on what social profit organizations can learn from social tech star-ups about using data in decision making

Mark Hierlihy, CFRE

Executive Director

Canadian Cancer Society - Ontario

Mark found his calling in the noble profession of fundraising over 20 years ago at a young hospital foundation in PEI. He has always been passionate about his personal mission "to be a constant positive influence on everyone I meet” but at the same time has not shied away from being a disrupter and a catalyst for change. His rewarding career has been packed full of cutting edge fundraising at Canada’s National Arts Centre, Special Olympics Canada and Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. He cares deeply about his work as a strategist, campaign designer, implementer and coach to help strengthen charities and the profession. Mark is currently Executive Director of
Canadian Cancer Society - Ontario. He’s also the co-founder of AFP Toronto Chapter D3: Debate. Debunk. Delight.