Is YOUR Board driving your crazy? Well, if it is you're not alone. Boards drive us all crazy and it is not always their fault, but it seems that way more often than not and its up to us to fix whatever is wrong. Join Tony Myers as he engages you in a lively and meaningful conversation about the challenges we face in working with our board and explores with you some of the solutions available to solve the toughest problems we face.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the top 5 challenges facing NGO Boards today
  • Explore the 10 most important things YOU need to know about Boards
  • Learn about the 3 things that will bring every Board on-side
  • Learn how YOU can make a difference - regardless of you position in your organization

Tony Myers, CFRE, Ph.D, M.A., LL.B

Principal & Senior Fundraising Counsel

Myers & Associates

Tony is a passionate enthusiast, fundraiser, consultant, strategist, author, speaker and coach who loves to raise money and help others to do the same. His life-time of experience in raising money and working with organizations in transition on 5 continents has shaped his expertise as fundraiser, consultant and change-maker.  His skills in major donor fundraising, major gift campaigns, strategic planning, board development, and as a leadership coach have placed him in demand as a speaker and consultant around the world. Tony is a self-proclaimed student of philanthropy who continues to learn and practice his craft locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Ultimately, his spirited presentations will get you thinking, change your perspective and give you the confidence to further your work, enjoy your work and be successful in a world of abundance.