If you glaze over when presenters talk about their well-resourced Development Departments then you've come to the right place! How do charities that have NO fundraising staff or expertise compete with such professional approaches? The good news is with the proper tools and an engaged team of staff and volunteers anything is possible. Join board and fundraising expert Cynthia Armour (Charity Village author) for this practical presentation on the steps needed to work smarter, not harder. This session will cover the difference between fundraising and development, organizational readiness, building the infrastructure, recruiting the team, where to find donors and how to foster strong relationships with them. Be prepared to be strategic.

Cynthia J. Armour, CFRE

Principal Strategist

Elderstone Resource Development

Cynthia Armour, (CFRE since 1995) has served as a facilitator, trainer and coach to voluntary sector leaders for the past 26 years.  An honours graduate of York's Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program, she continues to be a curious life-long learner.  Cynthia specializes in strategy, governance and fund development. She was the Charity Village Fundraising columnist for four years, was a Subject Matter Expert with CFRE International and has served on numerous boards.  She is recognized for her expertise with small and rural charities while offering practical solutions to organizations of all sizes and locations across Canada.