A simple and complete walk through for any organization’s development of an online brand. How to build and audit a website and optimize for social media channels. This presentation will walk through actionable steps to build an effective social media strategy with concrete examples on how to execute, from tweet creation and strategic hashtags to optimal posting times to measuring your success. It will also touch on ways social media can be utilized by your internal team to create new business and personal connections, generate new leads and assist with everything from business development to media relations.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. How to audit and assess your organization’s online presence
  2. How to build and execute an effective social media strategy
  3. How to use social media for all business purposes such as brand evangelist creation, business development and media relations

Brent Stirling

Brent is experienced in social media strategy, community management, content creation and SEO. From incisive strategy to pitch-perfect execution, he finds or creates ways to capitalize on opportunities that educate, inspire, entertain and convert followers. Creative and versatile, Brent has helped design and execute numerous social campaigns - paid and organic - to enhance brand and build a loyal following. Though his own company, Secret Weapon Media, Brent has worked with tech startups, not-for-profits, government, as well as small- and medium-sized businesses. As the DMZ’s social media strategist, Brent revised the entire approach to increase followers, raise engagement rates and establish a strong and compelling brand. He also advised the DMZ’s over 70 startups on their own social media strategy.