Storyliving highlights three unique donor persona case studies and how engaging donors in ways uniquely aligned with their persona accelerated the donor development cycle resulting in major and transformational gifts. Participants will gain an understanding of donor personas, how to identify and apply them for increased major gift results.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Get an overview of the 7 most common donor personas
  2. Learn from 3 major donor case studies illuminating donor persona cultivation tracks
  3. Receive tools to identify donor persona preferences to accelerate your development cycle
  4. Receive sample discovery questions to use in your major donor cultivation process
  5. If all goes well, get inspired and be grateful to be a fundraising professional!

Tammy Zonker


Fundraising Transformed

Tammy Zonker, recently named one of America's Top 25 Fundraising Experts, is an envelope-pushing fundraising practitioner, an inspiring international speaker, and a powerful trainer in the discipline of transformational fundraising. In the past decade she has coached, trained and led nonprofit teams to raise more than $400M including a single gift of $27.1M. She moved to Detroit in 2008 motivated to fundraise in the most challenging economy in the U.S. and has turned those experiences into strategies, tools and processes for creating transformational fundraising results in any economy. When she's not speaking at conferences or fundraising, she's leading webinars, e-courses, private workshops and retreats through her company: Fundraising Transformed or hosting an episode of ZTV on Vimeo.