When fundraisers think from the inside-out, they start with the charity. When fundraisers think from the outside-in, they start with the donor. The inside-out shop thinks about annual giving, communications/marketing, major gifts, special events and planned giving. The outside-in shop thinks about creating a seamless donor experience and a meaningful donor journey. These are easy concepts to grasp, but HOW do you actually do it? Mike Poliwoda is a seasoned major gift fundraiser who has transformed his shop from a traditional bunch of silos to a radically different team who just focuses on donors. Fraser Green is a marketer who started doing fundraising by sending the same messages through the same channels to everybody. Today, he shows clients how to diversify their strategies and tactics to create magnificent donor journeys. Join Mike and Fraser as they show you how you can change – and how you can make your donors fall helplessly in love with you.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will understand that the donor needs to have a meaningful and easy experience with the charity to become loyal
  2. Participants will learn simple changes – based on the presenters’ real experiences – that they can begin to make in their organizations
  3. Participants will truly appreciate that ‘donor-centred’ can be so much more than just a sector catch phrase

Fraser Green

Chief Strategist & Smartypants

Good Works

Fraser Green is widely considered one of Canada’s most strategic and creative thinkers in the fundraising sector today. Fraser is the Chief Strategist and Smartypants at Good Works – a consulting firm that propels charities to build deeper relationships with loyal donors and constituents.
Fraser is a gifted communicator. His books, articles, blogs and contrarian rants are widely read around by fundraisers and CEOs around the world. Fraser is a gifted speaker – and as presented sessions and plenary addresses at hundreds of fundraising conferences in Canada, the USA and Europe.
When he’s not staring at his laptop, Fraser loves to hike and ski, bend his body into ridiculous yoga postures, play his guitars, ride bicycles, paddle kayaks and generally explore the world around him. One of these days he’s going to be a great songwriter and novelist.

Michael Poliwoda

Vice-President, Philanthropy

University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Michael Poliwoda is a fundraising professional with more 20 years experience. He began his career as a grant writer, moved on to events, sponsorship, and finally, capital campaigns and major gifts.  He has worked as a consultant and has a first-hand and in-depth understanding of what it takes to build a successful fundraising shop. With a long history of success in capital campaigns and building organizational capacity, Michael believes that the secret sauce to fundraising is truly understanding the box before trying to think outside of it.

He is the current Vice-President, Philanthropy at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation. He sits on the Board of the National Capital Commission (NCC), has been a volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters Ottawa and coaches soccer in Aylmer, Quebec.