SickKids Foundation has a robust monthly donor acquisition program. This session will highlight the journey of one particular monthly donor who went from giving $100 per month to becoming a $1,500,000 donor in less than one year. We will focus on the identification, migration and stewardship steps that went into this achievement. You will learn how we made a cultural shift to breakdown silos and the benefits of that collaborative approach. Most importantly, you will learn why you should never suppress your major gift prospects from direct marketing tactics. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? This session will inspire seasoned and new fundraisers alike and showcase the impact that one donor can have on so many.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Breaking down silos – how teams come together as one
  2. Collaborative Fundraising – customizing a proposal that fits
  3. The importance of integration and the risks around suppression
  4. Migrating Donors – Identifying prospects

Nancy Horvath

Associate Director, Major Gifts

SickKids Foundation

Nancy Horvath is currently an Associate Director of Major Gifts at SickKids Foundation and is responsible for engaging individuals and families to support the most urgent needs of the hospital. Nancy has been involved with the growth and development of annual giving, mid-level giving and major gifts programs for over a decade in Toronto. Nancy is deeply passionate about our experiences as diverse individuals, particularly within the LGBTQ2 community, and how the non-profit sector can evolve our practices and organizations to be more inclusively minded. Nancy has been involved with the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Greater Toronto Chapter since 2006 serving as a member and past co-chair for Fundraising Day 2010, past-chair of the Inclusion and Equity Committee, and as a member of the steering committee for the AFP Inclusive Giving Project.

Tanya Tucker

Associate Director, Direct & Digital Marketing

SickKids Foundation

Tanya Tucker is an Associate Director, Direct & Digital Marketing for SickKids Foundation.  Her name may fool you but alas, she is not the famous country singer!  She has been with the Foundation for 15 years and her area of expertise is in the acquisition of monthly donors.  Tanya manages a large portfolio, oversees 7 acquisition programs and has raised over $40M in her 15 years! Tanya is analytical, enjoys testing new programs and implementing innovation into existing programs.  She believes that the quality of monthly donors outweighs quantity and feels so rewarded when both can happen at the same time. Tanya can be described as enthusiastic and passionate, and this is what keeps her fresh!  Some of her recent accomplishments include a highly successful integrated city blitz campaign where awareness marketing and fundraising tactics came together helping to secure hundreds of monthly donors in a highly targeted market.