This interactive session will give participants the opportunity to explore how they can develop their resilience in the midst of a challenging working day where there is always more to do than there are hours in the day and where priorities have to be shifted to meet ever changing demands. Professionalism, the way we conduct ourselves, is viewed by others as crucial to our success. The workshop will provide tips to increase your confidence in dealing with situations you may find stressful: those which involve conflict. We will examine why conflict arises, what you can do to prevent some situations from escalating and how best to deal with those that need resolution.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand why and how conflict occurs between people
  2. Explore your own style of conflict management
  3. Maintain positive relationships and win-win outcomes
  4. Develop resilient thinking and behaviour
  5. Learn to respond assertively rather than react aggressively or passively
  6. Manage stress – recognize tipping points in self and others and respond/support appropriately
  7. Understand and respond to the different styles of the people you need to succeed with

Helena Sharpstone, MInstF, MCIPD


Sharpstone Skinner Ltd.

Helena Sharpstone is a learning and development specialist, mentor, writer, and a regular speaker at business conferences.  With a background in commercial selling and a former Head of Training at Help the Aged, Helena’s special areas of interest include leading teams, personal effectiveness and communicating with impact.  Together with Caryn Skinner and since 1997 she has run the leadership and team development training company Sharpstone Skinner.