Recent research by Russell James, Adrian Sargeant and our own Fraser Green is turning the world of legacy fundraising upside down! As a fundraiser for almost 50 years, Fraser has been watching – and learning - with fascination. The new learnings in legacy fundraising are simply stunning. Perhaps driven by “the money on the table,” we are learning more and more about how to do this type of fundraising right. Leaving a legacy is the end of the donor journey and these precious donors have been with us for years and they deserve the opportunity to leave a legacy gift – a gift that will live on forever. More than in any other area of fundraising, we need to follow the sage advice of fundraiser extraordinaire George Smith who urged us to “Ask Properly.” This fast-paced session will look at the 42 things I have learned about “asking for legacies properly."

Learning Outcomes:

42 lessons about legacy fundraising under four headings:

  1. Lessons about the art of legacy fundraising
  2. Lessons for my organization
  3. Lessons about the legacy donor
  4. Lessons about myself – the legacy fundraiser

David Love, CFRE

Godfather of Good

Agents of Good

David raised his first dollar for the environment in 1969. His current obsession is helping environmental and social justice organizations reap the benefit of the coming legacy tsunami.

After being at WWF-Canada for 20 years from 1979 – 1999, he’s now back at WWF helping run their legacy program – a program he started in 1982. He learns more about legacy fundraising every day.

He also works with his daughter’s direct response company, Agents of Good, where he is affectionately known as “The Godfather of Good.”

In 2013, his colleagues in the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter recognized his efforts by awarding him their lifetime achievement award.

Far from marking the end of David’s career, this inspiring recognition spurns him on to be a better fundraiser every day.

He does that by continuing to find new ways to put donors first.