Planned giving can seem overwhelming. This is especially true for small to medium size charities that lack the ‘professional development staff’ to drive and sustain the program for their donors. Good news! A successful and sustainable planned giving program is not only achievable for smaller charities but they are in the best position to receive legacy gifts because of their close and intimate relationships with their constituents. Also, this program can be driven through volunteers who know little about the products available to the donor. Gary is helping charities across Canada by engaging & training volunteers to take the ownership of their own legacy program.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Clearly understand the urgency of legacy giving today
  2. Discover who your best prospects are
  3. Profile a volunteer best suited to help with a legacy program
  4. Learn how a local charity board can lead in this initiative

Gary MacDonald

Founding Partner

Clearview Consulting

Gary brings 43 years of experience in non-profit leadership and is known for his ability to inspire and motivate clients to achieve excellence in their own work and enhance the performance of their organizations. Gary is a dynamic facilitator with extensive proficiency developing communication and leadership competency skills with individuals and groups. His clients include leaders in government, business and the non-profit sector. In the fundraising arena, he coaches non-profits and their leadership in achieving higher levels of quality connectedness with their partners (donors), generating real results. 

Gary loves 3 things: his wife & family, non-profits, and movie theatre popcorn (with real butter).

Gary is Founding Partner at Clearview Consulting in Stirling, Ontario. Gary also serves as Allied Counsel with KMA Consultants in Toronto and is a Facilitator at Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre in Belleville.