Supermarkets, drug stores, and airlines have offered rewards programs for decades. What are you doing for your most loyal donors, those who give monthly, quarterly, or through methods such as payroll deduction? Too often this group is overlooked instead of celebrated. Join Lynne as she helps you build a plan for your most loyal donors while learnng about the impact of giving back to the ones who give to you so generously.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. A plan for loyal donors at your organizations
  2. Viewing samples from other organizations
  3. Learning about the impact of loyal giving on your organization

Lynne Wester

Founder and Principal

Donor Relations Guru®

Lynne Wester is a frequent conference speaker and well known resource for donor relations and fundraising expertise. She has been featured in The Washington Post, CURRENTS magazine, The Chronicle of Philanthropy and other industry publications. Lynne also created the website and blog where she shares her expertise, opinions, and collections of samples on a variety of topics as well as hosts a monthly webinar series. It is her personal philosophy that the goal of any great fundraising operation is to use strategic communications and interactions to foster the relationship between the organization and its constituents and friends. Using her expertise and hands on approach, she works with many organizations to help them keep their focus donor driven, technologically savvy, strategic, and always with a splash of good humor. She received her undergraduate degrees from the University of South Carolina and is a loyal gamecock alumna, donor, and fan.