What do you do when your annual fundraising program is humming along nicely but not seeing significant growth? You rebuild it from the ground up to refocus the efforts on high value giving. If you want to kick start your annual giving program, the key is doing things differently and giving donors what they want. See how organizations have substantially improved annual giving by disrupting programs and investing in high value giving: monthly, leadership and legacy. Learn from an organization who is really doing things differently and increasing engagement with donors – Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation. From changing the way internal teams are organized to investing in new channels to developing integrated campaigns for leadership & legacy - see how you can think differently about your programs to drive engagement and revenue! Avoid pitfalls and focus your efforts in areas that will generate more revenue and better relationships long-term for your organization – one donor at a time!

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Know the signs of a program that has become stagnant and build a strategy to turn the program around
  2. See how you can action growth by investing in the right areas in the annual giving program
  3. Understand through best practices what is working in different organizations that might apply to your unique organizational challenges
  4. Develop an action plan for yourself based on these ideas

Kimberley Blease

Vice President, Client Relationships & Donor Journey Champion


Kimberley is a fundraiser and a marketer who is the Donor Journey Champion at Blakely. She has a 30 year background in business and not-for-profit development. Kimberley believes we all have a responsibility to engage and inspire donors throughout their journey with our organizations. Kimberley is here to share her experiences to help our organizations meet our fundraising challenges and hopefully think differently in order to raise more money.

Liza Jerome

Director, Major Gifts

Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation

Liza Jerome is Director, Major Gifts at Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation.