Effective donor communications all have a dozen or so things in common. These secrets to success derive from many fields: marketing, psychology, eye-motion studies, journalism, and of course fundraising's own vast body of knowledge. Today, you'll learn what the world's top communicators know about the subtle science of persuading people to give and stay loyal AND you'll learn to judge your own materials against these very same standards. This session equips you to return to your desk and ruthlessly (but profitably) assess the competence of your donor and prospect communications materials.

Tom Ahern


Ahern Donor Communications, Ink.

Tom Ahern is considered a world-class expert on donor communications. He applies the discoveries of psychology and neuroscience to the business of attracting and retaining donors. He's authored five well-received books on the topic. Each year, he trains thousands of fundraisers internationally and has audited the donor communications of major organizations such as USA for UNHCR. He is a copywriter by profession. His direct-mail clients include the Sharp hospital system in San Diego, recognized as one of America's most successful healthcare fundraising operations. He composes a half-dozen capital campaign cases annually, including a recent award-winning case for Bow Valley College (Calgary). He sits on the advisory board at the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy, Plymouth University (UK), founded by Prof. Adrian Sargeant and psychologist Jen Shang.