Social media fundraising has been a bandwagon for a long time, with no real results for most charities. Outside of emergencies, most charities have struggled to raise funds through social media. Well, we have made it work. With cost per acquisition, for monthly donors, comparable to the best channels, my ‘three secrets’ should be able to help you turn ‘likes’ into dollars. This session will showcase an amazing example – that is repeatable – of making fundraising work on Facebook! Real results, real creative & real insights. One of the case studies this session will share gets 200-400 monthly donors per month from our ‘bread & butter’ program. They also run occasional campaigns & just picked up nearly 4,000 regular givers and well over US$1.5m from one campaign in just over three months. But it won’t work for everyone, attending this session will help you decide if getting donors through Facebook is for you.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. How to find a good alternative source of regular givers
  2. How to make fundraising work on Facebook, looking at real results, real creative and real insights
  3. How to integrate social media fundraising, to include phone, email and more
  4. How to acquire thousands of regular givers at profit and tens of thousands of donors – every year. And, the three ‘secrets’ to tap into to make it work every month

Sean Triner

Fundraising Evangelist

Pareto Fundraising

Sean started his career in fundraising straight from Uni.  Working through events to direct marketing in the UK, to boss of fundraising and marketing for Mind, a mental health charity.  In 2002 he set up Pareto in Australia with a friend. More recently this is what fundraiser’s have had to say about Sean…

“Sean's presentation was clearly created with thought, effort and purpose. The statistics used help to paint a picture of the donating public and how we, as fundraisers, can connect with them.” Charles Hirsch, Communications Manager, Special Olympics Massachusetts

“A great opportunity to get some insight about non-profit marketing. I like how Sean is interactive and engaging, with real examples of organizations that get results.” Kyla Karakochuk, Marketing and Communications Officer, United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island