We often focus on working with “traditional donors” i.e. those from the dominant culture. We don’t often don’t embark on engaging diverse communities for a variety of reasons. This presentation is designed to provide insight on what motivates diverse ethnic and religious communities, charitable causes that are of particular interest to these groups and what types of fundraising channels may be deemed more “culturally appropriate” than others. Farheen Khan, as a Muslim Hijab Wearing South Asian Canadian Woman, has raised millions of dollars from ethnic and religious communities for both local and international causes through both mainstream and culturally specific charitable organizations. She was also instrumental in the development of the United Way of Peel Region’s Community Engagement strategy that was designed specifically to engage South Asian Communities in the work of United Way in Peel Region and coined the campaign “Apna Peel”.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. How to find a good alternative source of regular givers
  2. How to make fundraising work on Facebook, looking at real results, real creative and real insights
  3. How to integrate social media fundraising, to include phone, email and more
  4. How to acquire thousands of regular givers at profit and tens of thousands of donors – every year. And, the three ‘secrets’ to tap into to make it work every month

Farheen Khan

Director of Fund Development & External Affairs

International Development and Relief Foundation

Coming from humble beginnings, Farheen grew up in subsidized housing in Peel and has worked hard to get to where she is today.  Farheen is a senior level executive and consultant in the not for profit sector and has been in a number of leadership positions and has worked as a consultant for charitable organizations including the United Way. Farheen is currently working with IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation) as the Director, Fund Development & External Affairs.
Farheen is an author of two books that focus on gender based islamophobia, abuse, healing and self-love. She is motivational speaker and continues to speak and write for magazines and blog sites and appear in mainstream and ethnic media to speak about women's issues and islamophobia among other topics. In 2011, Farheen began her journey of self love after leaving an abusive relationship which lead her to losing over 180 pounds.  Farheen is also the Editor-in-Chief of the #muslimsactually blog and campaign, where she is committed to creating positive images of Muslims in society in order to challenge the stereotypes being perpetuated by the media
In 2015, Farheen ran in the Federal election as an MP candidate and became one of the only Hijab wearing woman to run in 2015.  Farheen has and will continue to advocate for causes related to women and girls (violence against women, body image, health and wellness), civil liberties, human rights, poverty, food security, homelessness, youth leadership and development and international relief and humanitarian aid.