The charitable sector has not been leading in the area of Talent Management, turnover has hit record highs in recent years. There are critical insights to be gained by taking a hard look outside the sector at some of the innovative approaches in this area. We will review some of the greatest challenges in our sector, as seen through the lens of senior leaders in the country and will reflect back on these challenges, drawing on some of the most innovative and provocative thinking on how to lead and manage teams for optimal results. Recruiting, on-boarding, developing and retaining talent will be re-visioned. Participants will come away from this session with traditional management models challenged and provocative ideas for re-imagining how they lead, recruit, retain and nurture their teams to greater success.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Outlines central issues facing the charitable sector in Talent Management (i.e. what is core to the crisis in finding and retaining good people in the sector?)
  2. Introduces innovative ideas for managing talent drawing from outside the sector (e.g. insights from companies who are taking the bull by the horns in the “talent economy”)
  3. Identifies the 8-10 things that managers need to consider, and be moving towards, when managing talent

Moira Dossetor, Ph.D.

Senior Counsel

Offord Group

Moira Dossetor is Senior Counsel, Offord Group and Senior Consultant, Marts & Lundy. Moira has worked for close to 20 years in the philanthropic sector within both small and large institutions. Equipped with a PhD in Philosophy, Moira transitioned seamlessly from philosophy to philanthropy at York University, where she managed fundraising for the Centre for Jewish Studies as part of York’s $100 million National Campaign. Her passion for education then led her to The York School where, as Director of Development, she worked with volunteers and school leadership to build a robust culture of giving through the establishment of Annual Giving and Major Gifts Programs and the completion of a successful Capital Campaign. As Director of Development at the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario, Moira moved to the mental health sector and managed a diversified fund development portfolio. In this role, she worked with regional teams on building and maximizing local fundraising capacity and ensuring alignment of strategic fundraising goals across the province. Before joining the Offord Group, Moira spent 6½ years developing and leading a team in the Office of Philanthropy and Alumnae Relations at The Bishop Strachan School. In her role as Executive Director, she worked alongside school leadership, and led her team in a $35 million campaign, the biggest in its history, from initial planning, quiet phase, and Campaign Launch to a successful public phase that is still underway. Over the course of her career, Moira has built, led and managed successful teams, initiated fundraising programs to serve organizational priorities, developed fundraising bench strength by establishing the trust of organizational leadership and deepened long-lasting relationships with volunteers and donors. She has a BA from McGill University and began an MA at the University of British Columbia, which she completed, along with her PhD, at the University of Toronto.