For most donors, making a bequest to charity is the most meaningful gift they’ll ever make. These gifts are deep expressions of the donor’s love of humanity – and love of self. Why is it that some of your donors choose to make these gifts and others do not? More importantly, how can you effectively persuade them to leave a bequest? Peggy Killeen is an old-school planned giving fundraiser who has spent many years in one-to-one conversations with donors. Fraser Green is a mass marketer who communicates with thousands of donors with one piece of copy. While you’d think that Peggy and Fraser come at planned gifts from different viewpoints, the amazing thing is that they are really on the same page about what works and what doesn’t. In just one hour, Peggy and Fraser will transform your understanding of the legacy donor’s mind and make you a powerful legacy persuasion machine!

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will come away with 24 practical persuasion tips that they can instantly put into use to improve their persuasion performance
  2. Participants will have the opportunity to truly start understanding the persuasion process from the point of view of the donor - and not the charity
  3. Participants will come away with a deep understanding that planned giving is human and relational by nature - and not financial and transactional

Fraser Green

Chief Strategist & Smartypants

Good Works

Fraser Green is widely considered one of Canada’s most strategic and creative thinkers in the fundraising sector today. Fraser is the Chief Strategist and Smartypants at Good Works – a consulting firm that propels charities to build deeper relationships with loyal donors and constituents.
Fraser is a gifted communicator. His books, articles, blogs and contrarian rants are widely read around by fundraisers and CEOs around the world. Fraser is a gifted speaker – and as presented sessions and plenary addresses at hundreds of fundraising conferences in Canada, the USA and Europe.
When he’s not staring at his laptop, Fraser loves to hike and ski, bend his body into ridiculous yoga postures, play his guitars, ride bicycles, paddle kayaks and generally explore the world around him. One of these days he’s going to be a great songwriter and novelist.

Peggy Killeen

Principal Director of Development, Faculty of Fine Arts

Concordia University

Peggy Killeen has over 25 years of experience in the development field, specializing in non-profit management and fundraising.  Peggy started her career in South Africa, working for local advocacy, human rights and community organizations.  She has worked on contracts with the United Nations and the Canadian International Development Agency at international electoral missions in Central Africa and the former Yugoslavia. In Canada she has concentrated mainly on healthcare fundraising, with some forays into adult literacy, immigration issues and education.   Peggy is a Certified Fundraising Executive and sits on the national Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP).  She is a seasoned presenter with a passion for planned giving, ethics and donor relations. For the past eight years Peggy worked for the Royal Victoria Hospital Foundation as Director of Legacy Gifts for both the RVHF and the McGill University Health Centre Foundation.  She is now Principal Director of Development for the Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University.