The impact of Canada’s non-profit sector – on the people and causes it serves, the economy, and Canadians as a whole – has never been so significant. The professionalism of sector leaders and the culture of philanthropy they seek to embed in their organizations have never been so deep. The profile of the sector, including national initiatives and new tax credits, has never been so high. Yet, the challenge of having an ever increasing percentage of donations coming from a decreasing percentage of tax filers remains as pronounced as ever. What does the future hold and how do we best navigate the path ahead? Join KCI’s Marnie Spears as she uses anecdotal examples and qualitative research to provide development professionals with an accurate picture of the current philanthropic landscape and the trends that they should be factoring into their fundraising strategies going forward.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop a detailed understanding of the key trends that impact decision makers in the non-profit sector
  2. Be updated on the most current statistics on Canadian philanthropy (individual, corporate and foundation giving) through a compilation of key data sources across the country
  3. Be encouraged to consider how they can apply an understanding of philanthropic trends to professional work as fundraisers and leaders

Marnie Spears, C.Dir.

President & CEO

KCI (Ketchum Canada Inc.)

Marnie A. Spears, President and CEO of KCI (Ketchum Canada Inc.) has played an integral role in developing the firm into Canada’s largest and most successful fundraising consultancy. Her insightful relationship management, organizational health, and campaign strategies have helped pave the road to success for non-profits of all sizes. Under her guidance, KCI’s focus on coaching, mentoring and skills development continues to allow for the transfer of knowledge and expertise to clients in all areas of advancement, helping to build a stronger, more viable philanthropic landscape.   As Chair of KCI’s Philanthropic Trends© Advisory Board, she is an internationally recognized expert on fundraising and philanthropy and is a sought-after speaker and advisor to institutional leaders and senior professionals across the country.