What if Walt Disney were the CEO of your nonprofit? What would you do differently? How much more money would you raise? This session looks at the successes of Walt Disney and how we can apply his philosophy, his creativity and his approach to personal relations to our fundraising. We’ll also look at some contemporary examples of companies that are doing it rightly, and we’ll have some fun as we learn ways of being more like Walt.

Wayne Olson

President & Owner

Wayne Olson Consulting LLC

Wayne Olson advises charities on fundraising, capital campaigns and planned giving, and advises for-profit corporations on motivation, sales, leadership and employee morale. His specialty is donor relations and explaining planned giving and all fundraising in easy-to-understand terms. Wayne is the author of three books on fundraising including his newest, The Disney Difference, and is a regular contributor to Planned Giving Today. In 2014, Wayne received the Most Inspirational Speaker of the Year award from Fundraising Success Magazine. Wayne earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and his law degree from Stetson University College of Law. Wayne’s clients include: Ronald McDonald House Charities, Meredith College, CASE District III, The National Museum of the Marine Corps, Westminster Canterbury Lynchburg, the National D-day Memorial, Patrick Henry Children’s Services, and many more.