Learn and discover how to use the skills of improvisation in your fundraising conversations. The fundraising industry is ever changing and donors are becoming more savvy and discriminatory. In this saturated market, how do you stand apart? By learning simple improvisation techniques, you will learn to engage your donors by making them feel included in your story.

Time to break out of your comfort zone with communication skills that will help you dazzle at donor meetings, be persuasive in the board room and attract audiences to your cause.

Marjorie Malpass


Nerve Strategic

Marjorie Malpass is a professional actor, writer, corporate coach and founder of Nerve Strategic.As an actor, Marjorie began her career at 14 with a tiny part in the CBC film, "The Private Capitol" in Ottawa. Career highlights include: touring internationally with Axis Theatre's "The Number 14"including stops in Italy, Finland, Denmark and on Broadway, playing three stalkers in one year for a play, a TV show and a film, and being the voice of the first ever female Mini Wheat. Marjorie creativity delivers bold communication, presentation and performance skills to the corporate sector. Businesses such as GM, Xerox, Royal Caribbean, TD Bank and senior personnel at various levels of government have learnt from her. Combining her knowledge of the corporate world and the entertainment industry, Marjorie recently provided On-Camera coaching for all three of the new Dragon's on the CBC hit show, Dragon's Den.

Layne, The Auctionista, BAS

Philanthro-tainer & Revenue Strategist

Layne, The Auctionista ignites the power of philanthropy with innovative revenue generating strategies and energizing live performance. Canada’s “Philanthro-tainer” and fundraising powerhouse, Layne is dedicated to guiding clients to create profitable events that inspire giving and leave guests feeling appreciated as vital partners of the organization. Layne’s professional fundraising career includes six years as Director of Development in the NFP sector and over 800 “record-breaking” events across Canada as a Certified Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (National Auctioneer’s Association). With niche expertise and game-changing strategies, Layne has unlocked millions of new found dollars for every charitable sector including grassroots to national charities.