There is a greater number of charities each year approaching an ever changing and diverse corporate sector. One of the greatest challenges for both novice and experienced fundraisers is developing and enhancing professional relationships with corporate donors in this very competitive and dynamic environment. This session will review these challenges and provide perspectives from both the charitable and corporate sectors. The first speaker has extensive experience overseeing charitable giving at one of Canada's largest financial institutions. The second presenter is a senior fundraiser and consultant who has headed fundraising efforts for national and international charities with a focus on major gifts. Key elements such as proper research, appropriate communication, effective proposals and meaningful follow-up will be covered.

Learning Objectives:

-Overview of current landscape of corporate giving in Canada from the perspective of both the charitable and corporate sectors;

-Practical primer on areas of focus to initiate and enhance corporate approaches; and

-Discussion of some pitfalls to avoid that may hamper developing relationships with corporate donors.

Grant Monck, LL.B.

Strategic Fundraising Consultant

Grant Monck Fundraising Consultant Services

Grant has over twenty years of experience as a board member, senior fundraiser and lawyer with local, provincial, national and international organizations. Grant has held senior fundraising positions with conservation, education and health organizations. Grant’s experience includes working on annual, capital and endowment campaigns, communications and government relations. Specific expertise in major gift fundraising and gift planning. Working with staff and volunteer teams has been key to his success. Grant established a private consulting firm in 2014 based in Vancouver providing services to clients from Hong Kong to Toronto in the areas of general charitable giving, gift planning, endowment and major gift campaigns, government relations and overall strategic planning.