The #donorlove movement is so important – putting donors at the centre of the work we do as fundraisers. However, we can’t pull the rug out from underneath charities and their donors and flip everything upside down. Or is that exactly what we should do? In this dynamic panel moderated by Claire Kerr of Frontream, Kesheyl van Schilt of Blakely Inc. and John Lepp of Agents of Good, along with a client each – one from a big shop, the other from a small shop – will debate this very issue: what is the potential of #donorlove, and what are its limits?

Through a combination of pre-moderated discussion topics and pre-submitted/live questions from Fundraising Day delegates, this panel will address such learning objectives as:

  • What is #donorlove?
  • Where does it work well?
  • What are its limits in this fundraising landscape?

Jacqueline Bell

Senior Development Officer, Direct Marketing

University Hospitals Kingston Foundation

Jacqueline joined the team at University Hospitals Kingston Foundation in 2013. As the Direct Marketing Officer, she is helping the Foundation to raise $65 million towars the Extraordinary People, Innovative Health Care campaign. With a background in tourism marketing and hospitality, she went from a career spreading the word about how great her hometown of Kingston is to working with donors to help make it an event better place! In 2016, she completed the Annual Giving Certificate Program through the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has served as a volunteer with Special Olympics Ontario, Girls Incorporated, AFP Southeastern Ontario and on a weekly basis as a volunteer pianist in a tiny country church.

Brady Hambleton

Vice President, Marketing, Engagement & Analytics

Canada's Children's Hospital Foundations

In the 15+ years of experience that he has gained working with some of Canada’s largest not-for-profit organizations, Brady Hambleton has been exposed to nearly every facet of fundraising, including donor services, stewardship, annual giving, major gifts, digital and multi-channel.   Brady is currently Vice President, Marketing, Engagement & Analytics at Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundation, a newly founded not-for-profit that is building on the successful foundation of the Children’s Miracle Network, while introducing new and exciting integrated marketing and fundraising initiatives to engage Canadians to support 13 of the largest children’s hospitals coast-to-coast.  
He was most recently Director, Direct Marketing at Heart & Stroke, where he oversaw one of Canada’s largest, national multi-channel fundraising programs, raising over $25 million annually through digital, direct mail, tele-marketing, monthly and mid-level donors, with a staff compliment of 12.  His experience at HSF also spanned beyond his core program, where he served as a business unit lead on two significant enterprise-level projects: CRM implementation; and the National Organizational Email Marketing Strategy.  
Brady is a proud data geek, digital junkie, professional development advocate and most importantly, loves every minute of his work in the not-for-profit sector.

Claire Kerr

Director of Digital Philanthropy


Claire Kerr is a not-for-profit veteran who has worked for organizations in the economic development, education, and health sectors. As Director of Digital Philanthropy at FrontStream, Claire works with charities as they fundraise through web, social & mobile channels. She provides strategic, benchmarking analytics and donor demographics for fundraisers on topics like Facebook fundraising, Giving Tuesday & mobile giving. Claire teaches “Social Media Community Management” and “Digital Strategies: Online, social & mobile fundraising” at George Brown College in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter at @snotforprofit.

John Lepp


Agents of Good

John Lepp is a partner at Agents of Good. A collective of passionate and game changing fundraisers who spend most of their day championing your donors and telling great stories.

Kesheyl van Schilt

President & CEO


Kesheyl’s core passion is fundraising, and she is able to realize it through the colleagues and clients with whom she has the privilege of working each day.
Since becoming President and CEO of Blakely in 2013, she has evolved the agency into a fundraising and marketing partner that uses insights and multiple, integrated channels to develop meaningful donor relationships for their clients.
Formerly a director at a major teaching hospital and national social service agency, Kesheyl has honed her skills in strategic business development, data analytics, fundraising and marketing. She draws on these strengths to identify opportunities that engage clients’ supporters in traditional and non-traditional ways. She also helps clients bridge the gap between marketing and fundraising, and monetize their brands.
Working alongside Kesheyl is a team of 35 talented and professional fundraisers, creatives, analysts and channel specialists who have spearheaded ground-breaking fundraising campaigns that have inspired and engaged hundreds of thousands of supporters, while raising millions of dollars for important causes.
As a fundraiser first, and someone who believes in the critical importance of this sector, Kesheyl’s vision is growing an agency that continues to evolve to meet the needs of organizations and their supporters in the ever-changing not-for-profit sector.