Design thinking is an approach that centers on human beings and the users of a product or service. How then can design thinking be applied to the world of fundraising? Join Jerrold McGrath, former director of innovation at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity to explore how design thinking can be used to shape the moments when people come together. Participants can expect a highly interactive and hands-on session where they will think about how simple interactions can be re-designed to improve the experience of our donors and other stakeholders and better reflect the value of the work we do. Simple tools and leverage points can be applied to shaping how others experience interactions in small conversation or in larger groups. Remember, people may not remember what you’ve said, but they’ll always remember how you’ve made them feel.

Key Objectives:

  • Practice an approach to designing interactions that focus on how you hope others will feel
  • Explore dimensions of interaction to ensure that the experience is coherent
  • Iterate and learn what works and what needs improvement

Jerrold McGrath



Through organizational design, leadership development and strategy facilitation, Jerrold supports partner organizations to synthesize their ambitions and the needs of their stakeholders, communities and audiences.

Jerrold was previously the Director of Innovation and Program Partnerships for leadership programming at Banff Centre. Jerrold completed his Master's in Strategic Innovation and Change at the University of Denver with a focus on strategy formulation in creative sector organizations.

He has developed partnerships, cross-sector collaborations and development programs to leverage the strengths of various sectors in addressing complex, systems-level social and cultural issues (hopelessness, economic inequality, city building, etc.). He has also directed the creation of leadership and entrepreneurial programs that prepare individuals, project teams, and organizations to connect with other sectors, organize to leverage digital creation and consumption, benefit from greater diversity in audiences and creators, while setting a point of view and a path forward.