The quality of individual donor experiences explain 50% of the decision to continue giving/doing/supporting. But how do you measure the quality of a donor’s experience? And how can this possibly be done at scale? And how do we act on it and what is the ROI? Measuring and managing the donor experience is about raising money without ever asking for it. It is time for the charity sector to take its collective finger off the mute button of donor experience and start actively and continuously measuring and managing donor experience. This is about raising money and having the mindset to understand that the actual ‘ask’ deserves very little credit for raising money and yet, much of the blame for creating bad experiences.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the impact and importance of the donor experience
  2. Understand how to start to measure the donor experience
  3. Understand how to manage the donor experience

Rachel Hunnybun, MInstF

Client Relationship Director

Donor Voice

Rachel has a background in Direct Marketing and Individual Giving which has resulted in an interest to look at other sectors and social science to develop programmes that provide donors with the right inspiration and supporter experience to develop long term relationships. She is passionate about change within the sector and supporting organisations to think differently.

Kevin Schulman

Founder and Managing Partner


Kevin Schulman is the founder of DonorVoice, a donor experience company serving non-profits all over the globe.  Before founding DonorVoice Kevin was CEO of a modeling and analytics company.  Prior to his non-profit focus he worked in the commercial sector developing a model to measure and manage customer relationship strength to increase retention and lifetime value. The DonorVoice work is the foundation for the number one, best-selling fundraising book, “Retention Fundraising, The New Art and Science of Keeping Your Donors for Life.