Using a principle led approach and practical experience this workshop shows you how to build and lead a great fundraising team with 7 key principles for great non-profit leadership. From the challenge of finding, hiring and keeping the right people, to building a team that focuses on the donor and each other, to empowerment, measuring impact, performance management and solving problems, and building a great culture, this workshop gives a practical framework and toolkit to enable participants to lead their teams to fundraising excellence. Mixing team and personal leadership with real and tangible fundraising challenges, the session leader will use his 30 years’ experience as a fundraising leader to coach participants who should bring their own challenges to share. Using cases studies, practical examples, exercises and tools, this workshop, aimed at Heads, Directors, Team Leaders or aspiring leaders will steer participants to a renewed purpose and fresh approach so they can build and led great teams.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to find and keep great fundraisers and sustain a strong team
  2. How to build a team charter, culture and common approach around the donor, cause and team
  3. Tools and practical examples to identify and solve real life problems
  4. How to focus, measure and celebrate impact and results and ways to manage teams fundraising performance

Stephen George

Fundraising & Leadership Coach

Good Leaders

Stephen George is a Fundraising and Leadership Coach and consultant specialising in helping charity leaders change behaviour and raise more money. Currently working globally on legacy strategies for international NGO’s, Stephen also runs a fundraising leadership and coaching programme. He has over 30 years’ fundraising and leadership experience at all levels in the UK and internationally working at many charities including the NSPCC as part of the Full Stop Campaign, at UNICEF, and others and is a speaker, writer, podcaster and contributor to NGO’s. He was chairman of Remember a Charity, a consortium promoting gifts in wills and is now Vice Chairman of the UK’s Institute of Fundraising.