Do you find yourself guessing at what to charge your sponsors?
Have you had a sponsor ask you how you came up with the values of your opportunities? (you will!)
Do you wish you had a way to explain to your CEO or finance person why increasing budget goals arbitrarily isn't going to work?
Then this session is for you!
We will do a deep dive into the world of sponsorship valuation and cover all of the following:
  • How to find the values of things like logos on signs, e-mails, speaking opportunities, samples etc.
  • Building a strong inventory of assets and figuring out what each is worth
  • A sample valuation calculator along with instruction on how to use it for your organization
  • A simple technique to value social media assets
  • What to charge for those items that seemingly have no independent market value
  • How to negotiate with sponsors and put the calculator into action
  • How to value your brand and intangible value

In this no holds barred session, we will show you exactly how to perform a valuation for your organization

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to value your sponsorship opportunities
  2. How to determine market rate for everything you have to offer a sponsor
  3. The importance of your brand and how to value it in a sponsorship proposal
  4. How to build a valuation calculator for your organization (and how to use it to sell sponsorship!)

Chris Baylis

President & CEO

The Sponsorship Collective

Chris Baylis is an expert in sponsorship valuation and strategy development. Chris works with brands and sponsorship seekers to define their goals, determine market value of their assets and create strategies that work.

Chris is the President and CEO of The Sponsorship Collective and an international speaker and consultant on all things sponsorship marketing.