“Well, I don’t want to ask people for money” and other great things that we hear from Board Members. But guess what - it’s not their fault. They don’t know what they don’t know, and a lot of this is brand new territory for many of them. Yet, they are your closest allies and among the most passionate advocates of what you do. They are better suited than almost anyone other than your staff to raise money for your organization.

It’s up to fundraisers to inspire them, give them opportunities to contribute in a meaningful way, support them in their efforts and celebrate their success. In this session, take a journey into the minds and hearts of your Board Members, learn what makes them tick and get some valuable guidance on how to up your Board’s fundraising game.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the main barriers that get in the way of your Board supporting your fundraising efforts
  2. Practice putting yourself into your Board Members’ shoes to better understand their perspective
  3. Learn a variety of tools and practices that will unlock your Board’s fundraising power
  4. Know how to track, report and celebrate your Board’s fundraising progress

Rickesh Lakhani, MBA, CFRE

Executive Director

Future Possibilities for Kids

Rickesh Lakhani passionately believes that every donor deserves to feel excellent about giving, and that the duty of a fundraiser is to bring passion towards enhancing the donor experience every day. Rickesh is the Executive Director at Future Possibilities for Kids, where they provide leadership and life skills development programs for children and youth from underserved communities. Prior to this, Rickesh was the Director, Campaign at United Way York Region, leading an $8M annual fundraising campaign. He serves as VP Governance on the Board of Directors for AFP Greater Toronto.