Today’s donors are savvy and expect to be well treated. They know that there are thousands of worthy causes that would like their support and you will not get a second chance to win their support. And since they are so valuable to your charity, it is imperative to offer exceptional stewardship for Monthly Donors, right from the outset of the relationship. This session will offer a step-by-step guide to rolling out the welcome mat for your monthly donors and provide practical pointers on how to keep the relationship healthy and growing.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to create an effective welcome process for your new monthly donors.
  2. Learn which channels work best for communicating with specific monthly donor segments.
  3. Learn how to optimize your communications schedule to keep your monthly donor happy and committed to your organisation.

David Kravinchuk

Chief Advice Dispenser

Fundraising Pharmacy

Working with charities to build deep and rewarding relationships with “99%-donors”, David opened his very own Fundraising Pharmacy (FRx) to dispense name-brand advice (at generic prices).  FRx serves a diverse group of charities including Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), Community Living Toronto, Crossroads/Carrefour International, The Walrus Foundation and

David is also the founder of Western Canada Fundraising Conference (WCFC), the award-winning annual conference for professional fundraisers working in western Canada.

Before launching Fundraising Pharmacy, David was the Senior Philanthropic Counsel at Good Works.  Previous to consulting, he was immersed in donor relationship fundraising at the University of Alberta and MS Society of Canada.