There is a growing consensus among communication experts about the power of the personal touch in relating an experience. While facts and figures often put listeners to sleep, an illustration from real life can motivate them to action. Using the speaker's unique story of hope and inspiration, this session aims to unpack the transforming power of generosity. This presentation also aims to understand why building bridges to Canada's increasingly diverse population is such an important topic for any organizations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the power of personal touch in relating an experience
  2. Understand the transforming power of generosity
  3. How to build bridges with multicultural communities
  4. Understand the philosophy of partnership with ethnic communities in Canada

Edgardo Gonzales, CPA

Philanthropy Advisor

World Vision Canada

Edgar joined the Finance Team of World Vision Canada in 2007.  Incidentally, Edgar was a former World Vision sponsored child from the Philippines.  And so with his story, passion and natural ability to connect with his audience (regardless of faith, ethnicity, age and gender), Edgar is now a Philanthropy Advisor - connecting World Vision with private and corporate donors.  Fueled by World Vision’s thrust of building new relationships, audience and value - Edgar recently formed the Multicultural Council, a group of twelve leaders from various ethnic and faith backgrounds who are passionate about fighting global poverty and injustice.