Is your Facebook revenue stream operating at its full potential? In this session we will cover four necessary components of successful fundraising on Facebook. This session is intended for those whose organization already has an engaged Facebook audience, looking to pilot and grow Facebook as a revenue stream. It will draw on several BC SPCA case studies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn who your Facebook market is, what they like and do on social media
  • Build audiences to target those most likely to convert to your campaigns
  • Learn to optimize, budget and know when something is, or isn't, working

Shoni Field

Chief Development Officer


Shoni Field is the Chief Development Officer at the British Columbia SPCA.  Over the past six years she's overseen rapid growth in the BC SPCA’s online programs.  She has been fundraising for more than 20 years for organizations including The Arthritis Society, EcoJustice and The Pembina Institute.Shoni Field has been fundraising for over 19 years for organizations including The Arthritis Society, EcoJustice and The Pembina Institute. She is currently the Director of Fundraising Innovation at the BC SPCA where she works primarily in direct response and strategic planning.  Over the past five years she has overseen rapid growth in their online programs, which consistently perform significantly ahead of annual industry averages.  Shoni attributes this success to a willingness to explore dynamic opportunities in online micro-campaigns and peer-to-peer fundraising that deeply engages their support base.  Her presentations focus on the two sides of successful fundraising:  story-telling creativity, paired with rigorous analysis and benchmarking.  When not fundraising, Shoni advocates for electoral reform and citizen engagement nationally and locally. She reads, cooks and plays strategy board games with her family in Vancouver. 

Charly Jarrett

Officer, Digital Giving


Charly Jarrett is the Officer, Digital Giving at the BC SPCA where she's been responsible for exponential growth in social media driven revenue. She has worked in nonprofit in various capacities for more than a decade, and now specializes in online giving and e-commerce.