Everyone deserves a workplace that is free from all forms of abuse and harassment. But bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, microaggressions and other inappropriate behaviour happen in many workplaces – including ours. With the #metoo movement still at the forefront of the news, this session will aim to move the conversation forward within the fundraising sector, addressing the nuances in our roles and relationships.

Learning Objectives:

• Understand what to do when you’ve experienced – or witnessed – harassment or bullying
• Build knowledge and skills to leverage internal stakeholders and a create a safe(r) workplace culture
• Acquire organizational resources and policies for additional guidance and support

Beth Ann Locke

Chief Development Officer

BC Women's Hospital + Health Foundation

Beth Ann has the best career in the world – working with donors on their dreams for a better world. She’s a tireless fan of our profession and understands that building relationships and expressing gratitude are keys to success. She's raised millions for the education, social services, and international sectors in Canada and the U.S. by connecting donors with ideas and projects close to their hearts. 
She’s Chief Development Officer at BC Women's Hospital + Health Foundation, board member of AFP Canada Foundation for Philanthropy and VP of Professional Development of AFP Vancouver.  She loves to travel the world, especially with her daughter.


Trevor Mayoh

Diversity, Inclusion and Behaviour Consultant

Mayoh Consulting

Trevor Mayoh is a diversity, inclusion and violence prevention consultant who works on transformative projects in diverse regions and sectors around the world. Trevor has worked with government and corporate partners on deconstructing gender norms and creating innovative violence prevention programming. Trevor has expertise working with not-for profit, hospitality, technology, extractive, and post-secondary organizations internally and externally to help foster more inclusive, safe, and successful environments. Trevor is a regular commentator on Newstalk 1010 programs and has been featured in numerous print, radio, and television media across the country.

Debbie Singh, MC, PhD, CHRE

Vice President of People

Habitat for Humanity, Greater Toronto Area

Debbie Singh is an HR professional with over 20 years of experience working across public, private and the not for profit sectors. She has worked locally to globally spending time ensuring that the culture of an organization is one where people are treated with inclusion and that policies are not merely words on paper but lived values and principles through actions. Debbie has spent a lot of time focused on the influence of voice as an underpinning to culture.  She believes that appreciation is the starting point from where inclusive environments are formed and in dealing with the landscape we find ourselves in today, Debbie is all about considering how organizations create strong culture so that we can respond to issues vs react to them as it relates to bullying and harassment. Debbie has been acknowledged as one of WorldWideWomen’s trailblazers and a leader in the field of HR. She often speaks about empowerment for young girls and women and mentors young female CEO’s.