Do you want to improve your next campaign? And do you want to learn how to build a stronger and more inspired direct response program over time? This session does both! We’ll share how you can capture your donor’s attention right now, what your donors want to hear today, how to make them the hero of your next story, how to develop a compelling ask and call to action and how to integrate your amazing story across multiple channels. And we’ll also connect you to your donor love story—showing you how to build and maintain a great donor relationship over time, including the importance of surprise and delight and how imperfection is actually a crucial goal. #DonorLove people!

Learning Objectives

  1. what’s working (and isn’t working) in the mailboxes and inboxes of your donors
  2. secrets, tips and tricks you can swipe right now and start using tomorrow to raise more money
  3. How to create campaigns, and a whole fundraising program, that makes you feel good as a fundraiser and makes your donors feel great too!

Worth 1 CFRE point.

John Lepp


Agents of Good

John Lepp is a partner at Agents of Good. A collective of passionate and game changing fundraisers who spend most of their day championing your donors and telling great stories.