Mid-level donor programs are the backbone of our annual giving programs, yet we are still not managing them in a truly donor-centred way. We are giving lip service to these vital donors and sending a closed-face envelope or a hand-written note once a year. This is not enough to change the relationship and inspire them to do more.

Through testing, research and collaboration, we know that the motivations and aspirations of mid-level donors are specific, and this means changing our approach and strategies to truly deliver a better experience for these important donors.

Through shared experience and case studies, we will demonstrate how tactics and strategies have changed and how the latest insights are driving new approaches to mid-level giving that really inspire donors to do more for your organization. We will present an in-depth look at one of Canada's leading hospitals who have changed the way they engage mid-level donors and grown the program by 50%. We will share a number of tools to help you build support for investment in mid-value giving in your organization. And we will provide participants with a practical guide of tactics that will enable them to think differently about their own programs and change the donor experience (and outcomes) for their organization.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand how to identify mid-level donors within your program and think differently about who you are investing in to grow the program]

2. Understand what drives mid-level donors and how to deliver an experience that fits

3. See first-hand through case studies what's possible in mid-level giving by changing your approach and strategies

4. Apply our 7 step process for developing or revitalizing your own mid-level giving program and greatly improve your relationships with your mid-level donors

Kimberley Blease

Vice President, Client Relationships & Donor Journey Champion


When it comes to building high-value donor relationships, Kimberley’s energy, enthusiasm and original thinking is unparalleled. With over 30 years of experience in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, Kimberley is a fundraiser and marketer who believes we all have a responsibility to engage and inspire donors throughout their journey with our organizations. Kimberley has a commitment to building high-value donor programs that raise the bar for charities and raise more money by building real relationships with donors. In her role as EVP, Client Relationships at Blakely Inc. she brings vision and proven strategy to the clients she works with and to the teams she leads.  Kimberley challenges her fundraising colleagues to think and act differently to achieve more!

Liza Jerome, CFRE

Director, Major Gifts

Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation

Liza Jerome has over 23 years of experience in developing and leading fundraising programs at well-respected healthcare organizations in Toronto. Currently VP, Marketing, Communications & Community Giving at Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation, she is responsible for leading the marketing and communication team and the annual giving team raising over $11 million annually. Over her career, Liza has been involved in implementing innovative fundraising strategies that have significantly grown revenues. She has led public awareness campaigns, developed integrated direct marketing programs and established data mining techniques to identify revenue opportunities. Liza is highly regarded in the fundraising profession as a valued speaker and educator.