Organizational digital transformation is no longer that curious thing that some outlier organizations do: it's becoming necessary to thrive in this environment of new competition, channels, opportunities and expectations.

You know some of the companies and nonprofits that seem to get 'it': do you ever wonder how they got there? Digital transformation is a journey and it doesn't happen organically. We're going to share with you what digital transformation actually looks like, and what the journey entails. So even if your organization isn't ready yet, you'll know when you will be.

We'll start by discussing two things you'll need for the journey: clarity in where your org is vs. where you want to go and understanding your risks vs. your opportunities. Then we'll map out the defining characteristics of successful and impactful organizations: bold leadership, curiosity/culture shift, responsiveness, openness, and distributed functioning.

This is the conversation about digital as a strategy - and digital at a leadership level - you've been waiting to have. Oh and you don't even need to be digitally sophisticated to participate. But you do need to be curious about digital transformation or be a decision maker or leader of an organization.

We're not talking about which technology is the best, or the most popular social media platforms of the year. Those conversations should only happen after your organization understands how digital fits into everything. We're talking about digital transformation.

Learning Outcomes:

1. How a digitally transformed organization naturally puts its constituents first.

2. Why its better to start where you are, rather than wait for a magical, perfect time.

3. Why curiosity and culture play such surprising and big roles.

4. How equity, diversity and inclusion can be easily prioritized within the new dynamic.

5. Why its not about hiring 'digital people'.

6. Why its not about process and is about empowering your team

Ryann Miller

Director of Partnerships

Grassriots Inc.

Hi I'm Ryann Miller, Director of Partnership at Grassriots, a boundaries-pushing global strategic and creative agency. Short version: I help social profits raise money and raise heck. Longer version: I help social profits use digital and integrated strategies for fundraising, marketing, advocacy and engagement. I've been doing and learning digital for 13 years: most recently at Care2 for 8 years, where I helped to build the Canadian market. I'm big on sector growth, big on building relationships, and big on leveraging digital maturity to help organizations level up.